12. Christmas Eve Troubles

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(Adrianna POV)

It's been about a week since I've gotten back. Jack has been sorta busy with work but he still makes time to spend with me every day. When he is busy I usually just stay in my princess room and play with my new stuffed bunny named Sir Hops A Lot.

Christmas is tomorrow and he hasn't mentioned anything about it. I didn't wanna bring it up because what if he doesn't celebrate Christmas because of religious beliefs or he just plan out doesn't like Christmas.

For years now I've been celebrating Christmas at the foster home with Lilly and it's great and all but this Christmas I wanna go all out and dive into the Christmas spirit.

  Jack was busy in his office making some phone calls for work so to keep myself occupied I've been practicing my ukulele. Jack bought me one after I had said something about it being a cool instrument. He's really been going out of his way to pamper me and it's not that I don't like it but I would much rather to just spend time with him and not all this fancy stuff.

  After another half and hour of practicing my ukulele I got bored and decided to go to Jack's office. I'm not really supposed to go in there unless it's an emergency but I think boredom is urgent enough. Plus I haven't seen him since last night. He woke up way before me and went straight to the office. It's only weird because every other morning he takes a shower then makes us coffee before watching a few episodes of Friends with me.

  I tip toe to his office and slowly push open the door. Before I could even look inside I'm stopped and picked up.

  "Jack let me go!" I giggled and kick my legs around.

"You know your not supposed to come inside my office unless there is an emergency." He says as he walks downstairs towards the living room.

  "Yeah but I was really bored and we didn't get to do our morning routine. You just left." I pout as he places me onto the couch in front of him.

  "Baby I'm sorry but I have a lot of work to do. I'll come play with you later." He pats my head and walks back upstairs leaving me downstairs to watch Friends by myself.

I know he did not just pet my head :|  Do I look like a dog? ......that's it! Time to cause some trouble.

  Hmmmm what could I do that will teach him a lesson for being a poopy head..... I KNOW! Hehe

  I walk upstairs towards my princess room and grabs my box of crayons. I then run up and down the halls with crayons in my hand drawing on the white walls. I then make my way to his bedroom and right above his bed I write out "F•R•I•E•N•D•S" with the colored bubbles just like the show. Before he can catch me I return the crayons to my princess room and go back downstairs to watch friends. I then get another clever idea to blast the Friends theme song throughout the house. I take off my clothes and I'm left with nothing but my bra and undies. I sing along to the song and jump around on the couch.

  I don't know why but I've never felt this brave about misbehaving like this. The song comes to an end and when I turn to get the remote I see Jack.

Ohhhh shit. I'm in big trouble.

He walks over to me not saying a word and grabs the remote putting it back where it belongs. The silence is killing me. Before I can testify he looks me in the eyes giving me a look that let's me now not to speak.

  "I had just finished up some things with work and I was heading down her to watch Friends with you then take you out for some hot chocolate and a movie..... but when I had stepped out of my office I heard you blasting music on the tv and I saw all your scribbles on the wall." He gives me a stern glare.

Wait so he didn't even get to see his room yet. Oh boy this isn't good.

"I don't even wanna hear anything just go to your princess room and stay there until I tell you to come out" He he say before turning away from me.

  I walk upstairs with my head hung low before I plop down onto my bed in my princess room. I decided to just take a nap.

(Jack's POV)

  While scrubbing the drawing off the walls in the hallways I try to think about what I'm gonna do to teach Adrianna a lesson. Once I'm done with the hallways I make way to my bedroom to take a shower. Once I step in I am extremely pissed off.

Okay two can play this game.

  Before cleaning the drawing above my bed I burst into Adrianna's princess room. She's sleeping but I wake her up anyway while entering the room.

  "Sorry I fell asleep...." is all she says.

"I just cleaned the halls and then I went into my bedroom and it only got worse. I don't know how to punish you other than taking away Christmas. You won't be getting anything or going anywhere. Instead your gonna clean the walls above my bed tomorrow." I say with a stern tone.

"But....you made it seem like there were no plans anyway " she tries to protest.

"Well there's definitely nothing now! You can go back to sleep now. You're gonna stay in here tonight and you better not get out of bed or you're in big trouble." I say while slowly making my way out her room.

  "Okay" is all she says with small tears in her eyes.


Merry Christmas I'm gonna be doing a double update 😁love you guyssss!

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