Valper Galilei

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Me and Kiba walked the eastern side of the city in the guise of priests. Irina and Xenovia patrolled the western part. The plan was to lure Freed and make him lead us to Balba.

F/N: Do you have an idea where he could be?

Kiba: Maybe in less populated places.

F/N: Less witnesses, good idea Kiba. Let's go!

After a few minutes we came to a familiar place.

F/N: Hm? I have deja vu...

Kiba: We fought here with one of the rebellious devils.

We went up the stairs of the building, but Kiba stopped abruptly.

F/N: What's happening?

Kiba: Above us!

Freed: JAHOOO!!!

I jumped back so as not to get hit by Freed. Kiba, however, created his sword and blocked his blow.

Freed: Greetings!!

After an unsuccessful attack, Freed jumped back onto one of the pillars of the building.

Freed: Nice to see you again!

 F/N:Not nice to see you again.

Freed: Brrr... How cold... Why did you dress like priests?I already thought it was fresh meat, and this is just a group of scammers! I'm really angry... I have to vent my anger!

Kiba jumped towards Freed, but he disappeared! Suddenly he appeared in the air and flew towards Kiba!

Freed: Surprise!!! 

Kiba blocked his blow again.

Freed: My sword is called Excalibur of speed! Even you will not be able to catch up with me until I have him! 

Then they both jumped back and...I could not see them! They were so fast that I only saw sparks appearing every now and then. Thanks to that I could even guess where they are.

F/N: Hey man! I will not hit him until I see him. Damn it... He can't even hear me. Time for support.

I pulled out the phone and gave the sign to Xenovia and Irina where we are.However, I couldn't wait idly! I fired at the sparks of the Megawatt Hammer. Then Kiba and Freed stopped fighting for a moment.

F/N: Lightning Tether!

I shot a bundle of lightning toward Freed, who clung to him, and then began to draw me to him at a great speed! He couldn't escape this attack

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I shot a bundle of lightning toward Freed, who clung to him, and then began to draw me to him at a great speed! He couldn't escape this attack. I kicked him straight in the face, so hard that he stuck in the wall!

We heard steps from inside the building. An elderly man in a priest's outfit came out of the building.

???: Freed, I see you have not got used to Excalibur yet?

Freed: Ooooo... Valper!

Kiba: What?!

F/N: Valper? Irina was talking about him.

Kiba: Valper Galilei!!!

Valper: Exactly... Well, we will probably leave now.I feel another two people who aren't very liked us... Freed.

Freed: Yeah... I'm coming...

When Freed wanted to raise his sword, then Xenovia wa appeared and moving towards him!

Xenovia: Not so fast!

Xenovia wanted to hit Freed but he picked up the sword and disappeared.

Freed: I am not going to die today from your hand! See you later!

He threw a small ball against the ground and we were all blind and this two were disappeared. Xenovia and Kiba began to run in an unspecified direction.

Xenovia: Irina quickly, follow them!

Then Irina joined them.

F/N: Hey! Do you at all know where they are?

Rias: Where WHO are?

At that moment I felt shivers on my back.I knew that trouble was coming ...


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