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Yo !

This was requested by s o m e o n e s p e c i a l The_Great_Milica

Which is a long time ago ;-;

But anyways-

I was watching an old film one night, idk its name but it was were a boi snuck into girls room one night thru window.

So i got inspired by this.

Also, be ready for:

GWash is basically dad for Lafayette and Alexander

They r step family.


And Alexdre is with John in other room lmao

But enjoy!


"Byeee boys!!" George Washington said, closing door.

Lafayette was in his room, his heart beating in excitement as he heard his father car turning on and then just go.

He took his phone and messaged his boyfriend, Thomas.

Laffy.taffy- he is gone bb, you can come.

And immeditely, the notification came.

Tommy.bear- omw, love u. Also finger urself for daddy.

Lafayette snorted out.

He has been dating with Thomas for 3 months now.

And they love each other, understanded  each other.

But Lafayette was anxius.

Anxius of his step dad. And his step brother Alexander.

He is scared that his step dad wont accept him, that he is pan but he is also into boys.

While for Alex, he doesnt know.

Soon he heard knocking on window glass.

He smiled and opened it, Thomas walked in carefully, then Lafayette closing the window again.

And Thomas was on him immedietely, kissing him like he is gonna die.

"Mhmmm Tommy..." Lafayette moaned.

Thomas smirked against his lips and kissed him roughly again.

Just roughness, passion, tongue, teeth, sweetness.

Everything that keep both them alive.

Thomas pinned Lafayette to wall, kiss deepening as he pinned his hands above his head and grind into.

Lafayette whined, slowly getting turned on.

Soon Thomas pulled away, for both of men to take their breaths.

After what seemed few seconds, Thomas kissed Lafayette's neck, sucked on his caramel skin and made hickeys.

"Th-thomas!" He hissed, hated that he needed to find excuse for his dad when he comes back.

Thomas only chuckled and looked wt him like an apex predator (hAH)

"Sorry doll, you are just pretty when I mark you as my territory." He whispered dangerously low which made Lafayette to blush.

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