31: Matching Costume?

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"The best
the most beautiful
things in the world
cannot be
seen or
even touched-
they must be
felt with the heart.
-Hellen Keller
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Getting up in a room which isn't yours kind off gets to you, doesn't it? Like what if someone kidnapped you or someone transported you which is just a fantasy though.

As I recovered from my mini heart attack my eyes searched on the creamy white linen bedsheet almost silky for my mobile even though there was a clock hanging right in front of me. Why? No one prefers an analogue clock for reading time man. At least not me, I'd probably wear one for fashion but use a digital one for checking the time and it read 7:36 am, people usually get up by 8 am here so it was the right time.

Like a goody-two-shoes boy, I get up fold the comforter neatly setting it at the foot of the bed. Walk in the new bathroom now to be my one month partner in my daily business. It had those sharp white reflecting tiles, just white all over I had to squint and touch the surface of the bathtub and washbasin to know that they were actually there, they melted with the whiteness of walls and it seemed like the stainless steel tap was hanging in thin air.

Ignoring the creepiness and astonishment I felt I finished my usual business and walked back into the bedroom, tying a towel around my waist I shake my head a bit to remove water when I hear a thump of clothes falling making me look up to the girl whose eyes and mouth hung wide open before she came back to her senses.

'' Oh my Allah I didn't see anything ...I didn't see anything...no no...oh my god..ya Allah...I did not .. I did not'' Humaira kept mumbling as she covered her eyes with her hands, shaking her head fervently. I just held my laugh, amused. Softly padding towards the heap of folded clothes fallen in front of her and pulled on a black shirt and some long army shorts.

''okaaayy...I'm done '' I announced but she stood frozen, I chuckled, shaking my head at her antics, who even said her to come in a boys bedroom, if I were sleeping till now she'd have across a half-naked me in bed, I walked up to her and removed her hands slowly from her face still she decided to keep her eyes tightly shut, biting her lips, her cheeks flushed red.

''hey !...Humi! I'm done yaar....you can open your eyes..'' and she did a little peek with her left eye before opening up all the way.

''aaa..I'm soooorrry...I didn't know you would you know come like thaaat!.... I wanted to set up your clothes and was almost done before you ...know...umm..that...yeah''

''Why would you want to set my clothes?'' I asked and saw her tense up a bit before she laughed it off, I scrutinised her a bit, she seemed on edge about something, must be today's incident probably.

''You are our guest and guest should be treated with honour! I also had Nida di's clothes set up last night....so I thought I'd do yours to!..yeah...'' she said off tune, like that kind of off-tune where you feel like the person is lying.

''is that so?'' I reiterate and she confirms my suspicion by picking up my clothes busying herself.

''it is so..there all set ...come for breakfast ..its probably done'' she says rushing to the door. For once I wished I didn't have the knowledge to understand body language and skills of intuition. I know we weren't the best example of friends but at least she never hesitated to say anything to me, it was like compelling a tap to open and the water would just keep running until you yourself didn't go and twist it shut. Has the incident cause her to separate, then maybe she is like this with everyone else too and would come around...In sha Allah...

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