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"Who were you talking to, dear? I heard you screaming. Are you alright?"

Keira's eyes snapped to the door to see Hannah standing there looking worried. She must've woke Hannah up when she let out that scream. Letting out a sigh she just referred it to a bad dream. Hannah definitely couldn't know about Darkness. Speaking of kiss thieves, she was still stunned by what he did. The tingling on her lips made her feel numb and excited at the same time.

She cringed hard.

Hannah turned to face Keira. "Are you still scared about what happened to the boy? He's fine and went home, Kyra. Don't stress about that, please."

"I am not worried about that." Lies. "He is healed so I shouldn't worry about that." He could have been killed by Darkness. "So the only thing I am thinking is, can I know about my past life? I mean when I was born or my childhood?" Keira blurted out suddenly. She was sure that it came out of the blue and worried Hannah a little. But it was long due after a couple of crazy days she had.

"Why are you asking this suddenly, are you OK?" 

Keira's face dropped. Maybe she shouldn't have asked Hannah least not now. Hiding her disappointment, she whispered. "Never mind. I just need some rest."

She started to walk closer to her bed to try to sleep when Hannah stopped her. "No, no...You can see it. There's a spell for that. If you are ready I can help you, now." 

Turning around she croaked out. "Really?"

"Really." Hannah smiled watching Keira's face lighten up.

Hannah took Keira out of her room and they started to walk towards the staircase. Keira thought she was going up in the training or ritual room but Hannah proved her wrong when she made Keira follow a different route to the kitchen. Surprising her, Hannah opened the pantry but instead of the usual room, it took them in a different room. It was a trap door! 

With a frown, Keira thought there were only eight rooms in this house? From a first look, the room could be mistaken as a mirror house in the circus. It was filled with numerous mirrors which covered the whole wall and the ceiling. Hannah must've felt Keira's confusion as she started to explain.

"This room was once used for creating potions and for portals...when there was still a clan left. Now I don't use this room much but for what we are about to do, you're going to need it."

Nodding Keira looked around herself again. Truth be told, every time she was more or less hungry enough to not look for any trap door in the kitchen. So if she didn't want to see her own past life, she might've never known this room even existed in the first place.

Hannah gestured Keira to sit near the largest mirror in the room. "OK. Sit in front of that mirror. Then lit the candle and chant this;

"Oracle of lunar light, send me the second sight."

Sighing Keira sat on the floor, the mirror reflecting her fear-stricken face. She almost couldn't recognize herself. Her usual brown eyes were dark due to her crying, her once long brunette locks dyed into the black with red streaks were cut off to her ears which were now growing awkwardly to her neck.  

"I can't stand here now. You have to live your moments alone. Is this okay with you?" Hannah asked Keira once she settled down at the floor.

Taking a deep breath Keira nodded. "I'd very much like that. Thanks again."

"Just don't blow up the mirror," Hannah said playfully and knowing Keira's luck, she could not blame Hannah.

"I won't. Promise."

With a slight smile, Hannah left Keira in her own misery. It was good in one way, if she saw Keira's sacrifice then she would surely know who Keira was. She couldn't bear any kind of problem like that now, not when she was starting to like Hannah as her mentor. As she left, the mirror started to show its miracle. It started to show last night's things to Keira's earlier life. It was like a time travel machine. She saw with her own eyes her unfortunate wedding. 

Not what she really knew was showing, they also showed the things she didn't know earlier. Like when she blanked out for a while, she saw a shadow was towering over her. It was wearing a black robe and had a hood on. When she opened my eyes, it disappeared. It gave her goosebumps to know someone was watching her when she was passed out. Well, that was creepy for sure. 

Then she saw when they were chanting with her blood on their hands, a blackened shadow started to awaken from the grave. Its startled cries blocked everyone's ear. They started to bleed and violent airs started rushing around, making loud thunders. Before she could stomach the horror of that night, to her surprise, it started to change again.

It was now her birth time. She was astonished to see it. She thought she would see her childhood, but it straight went to this moment. Then to her utter surprise, she saw her mother giving birth to two babies. 

Did that mean-Keira gulped. She wasn't alone in this world. She had a twin somewhere. And, like a heartless person, her mother gave up her twin too. She saw her mother gave herself to the Red clan with an aggressive argument passing by them and worse, her sister was just left to an adoption center with her mother's name left with the little baby. Keira closed her eyes to try not to let the tears fall. To not worry about where her sister was. But the mirror started to change again.

Now what she'll see? She had seen her birth time. It was the last event in her life. But then-her eyes widened. In the middle of a night, a woman aged not below thirty was walking on the grass. She also had something in her hand. In the dark, there was not much to see but her back to the mirror and that thing in her hand looked like a shovel. Who was she anyway? Why was Keira seeing any random woman in her life's Oracle? Did she mess up again?

Keira opened her mouth to call for Hannah but by then the woman in the mirror turned around to look at Keira. Immediately Keira froze. She felt like she was in the water, drowning. And she couldn't take enough oxygen into her lungs. 

It was no mistake that the woman was her birth mother. They both shared a lot of similarity between them that one might mistake them as sisters. But instead of that brown orbs, her eyes were pitch black. A lot like Darkness when Keira first saw him. Her hair was a complete mess. She walked into a cemetery and finally stopped walking. Then, she started to dig a grave like a maniac. With the help of light from the moon, she saw there were some scratch marks on her mother's arms. Then she took a box from there and Keira could swear that her mother saw right through her.

Turning a bit towards the mirror, her mother pushed her finger to her lips trailing it with her sharp nails until it started to bleed. Keira's eyes widened seeing the blood trailing down from her lips and a sudden hiss had her cry out in surprise. 

"Shhhh... Some secrets are good to be unknown and unspoken, isn't it, my child?"

Finally, Keira screamed.

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