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BELLA WAS JEALOUS OF SNOW. She didn't know if it was because the pale girl and Charlie bonded very well or if it was the fact that Jacob had lost all affection for her and didn't like her anymore. She wanted Snow to go back home. As mean as that is, she wanted to go back in time where Snow was replaced with the Cullen's. A time when Bella was happy.

Snow was sitting on Rabbit, a car that Jacob had been working on, while him and Bella talked about random stuff that the girl wasn't interested in.

The girl was still kind of freaked out of the dream that she had. That dream happened a few days ago and she hadn't seen Yuki since. Part of her was worried for the woman who looked after her when she needed her the most; but Snow knew that sooner or later Yuki would appear.

The girl was brought out of her thoughts when she heard a voice come from outside. Two boys entered one was short and had short hair and the other was tall and had long black hair.

"Hey, Jake." The tall one spoke but stopped when he saw Bella. "Hey. This is Bella. Bella, that's Quil and Embry." Jacob said then put his attention to the blonde girl sitting on the car who looked offended that he forgot her.

"And that is Snow." Both boys looked to their right and saw the girl that Jacob called 'Snow'. Who was undeniably stunning which took both boys back. After starring at the girl for longer than Jacob liked, Quil was the first one to break out of the trance like state.

"So the bike building story is true." While he asked the simple question, he couldn't stop starring at the girl.

"Taught him everything he knows."

"What about the part where you're his girlfriend?"

Snow had to cover her mouth so she wouldn't laugh at that. A part of her, despite only just meeting Jacob, felt jealous that he liked her sister like that.

"Oh, we're just friends."

"Ooh. Burn." The other boy spoke up. This boy as Snow remembers to be called Embry, gave her a unsettling vibe which he didn't like.

"I said she's a girl and a friend." Jacob said while looking over to see Snow's emotionless expression which Quil and Embry followed his gaze to the girl.

"Embry, you remember him making that distinction?"


"So from all this abuse to Jake, I assume you two have girlfriends of your own?" Snow asked, gaining the attention of everyone. All three boys, stood flabbergast at the fact that she had just directly spoken to the two boys and Jacob shocked that she had used a nickname for him after only meeting in less than a while ago.

Jacob was the first one to recover and said: "Right. Quil took his cousin to prom."

Embry chuckles, as well.

"Yeah, that's still a riot. You want funny, Black? I'll give you funny."

Quil makes a run at him, he dodges and a playful scuffle ensues. Embry, looks amused, just like the two sisters and he walks over to the pair.

"I got five bucks on Quil."

"You're on."

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