Chapter 2

As I headed home, the cars back cover was down, my long hair was flying everywhere, getting completely windblown but I didn't care.

I didn't even mind when I got stuck in LA's morning traffic for half an hour.  

Not one little bit.

My best friend was back in town after nearly eight months of back-to-back filming movies on location! I couldn't stop smiling. It had been eight months since we'd last seen each other in person.

Sure we text and emailed everyday and occasionally I sent him photos of me at high school and he sent me set photos of him on wires in front of those green CGI screens or him in some crazy makeup he had to wear for a role.

His photos were usually cooler than mine as you can probably tell.

I hate to admit it, but, somewhere, deep in the pit of my stomach I was a little bit nervous. OK, so we sent texts and emails everyday but it wasn't the same as seeing each other. I mean I definitely saw pictures of him more than he ever saw ones of me, due to the fact that he was usually on one or another major magazine each month. That, and he seems to be being tracked by paparazzi everywhere he goes these days.

I usually tried to stay away from them though, since journalists always give him this completely different persona when they write about him, they go on about how hot he is and all about whom he's rumored to be dating. Lately he's supposed to be with Taylor Cutter the latest bubblegum pop princess to hit the charts. Last month it was Jennifer Lopez - it wasn't even believable-I mean she's married with kids!

I find it a bit creepy to be honest.

And it had been eight months, what if things had changed with so long apart?

We'd never been separated for so long without visiting eachother.

He used to fly back and visit in-between filming breaks but recently his schedule had gotten way busier, which meant no more trips home.

But it wasn't just that, in the eight months he'd been on location, two films he'd shot last year had been released, tear jerker' The after life of Ryan' and epic romance 'Tristian and Isolde' which had propelled him firmly into the A list Hollywood status.

And he deserved it. His acting was amazing in both films and the reviews internationally had reflected it.

Though now he wasn't an emerging young star anymore who'd landed roles in a run of incredibly popular cult films growing up, like when he'd left - he was a big time triple AAA mega watt star now having joined the ranks of Leonardo Di Caprio and Rob Patternson - and I knew that deep down I was a little scared of that.

Of what that might mean for our friendship....

I shook myself,

Stop being stupid Isabel! It means nothing! It's just his job.

You have eight months worth of solid texts, emails and a few incredibly expensive phone bills to tell you otherwise!

At the thought of seeing him again I couldn't help but break out in a smile. 

I had missed him more than I thought possible, though I would have never have told him how much. I don't think I could put it into words. 

It was the little things, like hanging out and watching cartoons together, his huge bear hugs, laughing at his stupid jokes or arguing over what movie to rent. I even missed the way we used to be able to just sit in comfortable silence with each other. Never feeling awkward or needing to constantly speak. I think that was one of the main things I missed, just being with him.

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