The various Omegaverse Systems

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I forgot to include this in my intro and basic explanation so please be aware the info on the previous pages mainly had the common A/B/O system. This system will be explained further in but none the less my motto for this AU is as follows:

The Omegaverse is one of many or few flexible AU's a fanfic or regular writer can do. So the au is as complex or as simple as you want it to be!

Anyways, onto the syetems.

Now the omegaverse has various systems you can use and go with as the choices are nearly infinite. However, there are some commonly used systems that set up the world you are choosing to create. Within this page, it will give a rough rundown of the three common systems and a very VERY expansive system that contains a lot of A/B/O types.

Basic A/B/O System

This system is straightforward and the most commonly used systems of the omegaverse. This system follows the basic principles of the secondary sex of alpha, beta, and omega. This system uses just those three types and can be considered an intermediate system or starter system.

The A/O System

The A/O system has only two of the three from the basic A/B/O system. This system uses only Alphas and Omegas, the beta is essentially non-existent in this omegaverse type. So pretty much horny dominant's and knot needing Omega's galore! But in seriousness, this system is simple to follow and easy to build on.

A/B or B/O Systems

To avoid any space I am compressing these two systems together. Like the A/O system the A/B and B/O systems follow the same principle of their being one secondary sex being cut out and never existed. The differences in these systems, however, are rather easy to see.
In the B/O system, it is common to see Omega's being seen as mere prostitutes, fodder, or lesser humans. But, in this system, it is more likely you will often see segregation or discrimination towards omegas as a lesser human.
In the A/B system, it is the same except alphas are the superior ones and are leaders or bosses of companies. However, Betas do have leading positions as well, but they aren't as aggressive or territorial like the alphas.

Now onto a very complex system that I'm just gonna give an abbreviation to and what this guide used as a base for most of its content.

The Full Wolf System

This system uses A LOT of secondary sex's, if not exaggerated of course. It uses the full wolf system (not really, just used this for flare as it's just for stories). In this system, you have the alphas, betas, and omegas. But you also have deltas and gammas. Deltas being essentially a mix of alpha and beta, and gammas a mix of beta and omegas. However, these two can be left up to the writer to decide how they work, function, or act.

Consider the hierarchy of this system like this for primary/secondary genders.






I will not delve into EVERY single one however, as I am not as known about this arc or how it functions entirely. For the ones I didn't explain, you can do as you please with them or turn them on it's head. I apologize for this, but again... The omegaverse is what you desire it to be for the most part

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