Don't mess with an angry woman

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"The penis is designed to penetrate..." said the handsome 37-year-old visiting professor into the slender microphone on the podium in front of him.

His broad shoulders and chiseled chest were concealed under a crisply ironed cotton shirt with top buttons undone. The sleeves were rolled up to emphasize his shapely forearms and well-defined biceps. Bushy eyebrows accented his angular face.

"The thrusting motion of the penis during intercourse is by its very nature hard, invasive, and dominant. The vagina is conversely soft, inviting and submissive." He exuded all kinds of raw masculine energy, which he projected, seemingly unconsciously, towards his audience.

The front rows of the auditorium were filled with university girls giving him their full attention. Some had their legs crossed and their shoes dangling from their toes so their heels were exposed. Others were squeezing their thighs together, with a few biting their lower lips, pupils dilated, suppressing a naughty grin as if witnessing something dangerously forbidden.

The professor spoke in a manner that was paradoxically thunderous yet calm, and his choice of words were razor sharp and penetrating. The students in this Gender Sciences class seemed at once in awe of -- and afraid of-- him.

The choice to invite him to be a guest speaker was controversial because of his unconventional -- some would say sexist -- views on the differences between men and women. But Dr. Gordon B. Hendrixson was an accomplished sociological psychologist and bestselling author of the book Ten Ways to Fix Yourself, and the students were giving him his due respect. His online coaching programs had apparently helped millions of male students transform their lives by teaching them how to take advantage of their masculinity to its fullest potential.

Unlike the rest of the students, Elise was not giving this professor any respect. Unlike the rest of the students in the lecture theater, Elise had a scowl on her face. She ground her teeth and grimaced through his lecture. She hated the way this guy was using polite language and sophisticated vocabulary to disguise his blatant misogyny. As he continued to speak, she gripped her pencil so tight, it was on the brink of snapping. She loosened her grip and took a deep breath in an attempt to chill herself out.

Ever since she'd been betrayed by both her sister and her boyfriend (ex-boyfriend now), Elise had been angry with the world. Her first month at university had been a struggle. Nothing had gone right. She'd been assigned to the wrong room, which had taken days to sort out. Her class schedule was all messed up (which is why she was stuck in Gender Sciences for now). The cafeteria food hadn't suited her diet, nor her palette. She had been experiencing the worst menstrual cramps that weren't going away. Oh, and did she mention the fact that her boyfriend had cheated on her with her sister only a few months before she'd moved in?

Elise had confronted Marcus the same day Carey had told her what she'd done.

What he'd done too. He's not exactly a victim in this story.

Elise replayed the fateful day in her head often. She'd driven to his house. When he'd opened the door, she had stood there for a moment, not entirely sure what to do or say, trembling with rage. In her fury, she hadn't thought that far ahead. Marcus was looking at her with a shocked expression, trying to get her to talk. After a while, Elise puckered her lips, took a deep breath, and spat in his face. Right between the eyes. He'd winced, and wiped the spit with his hand. There wasn't a shred of disgust or anger in his face -- he'd known that he'd deserved it, clearly.

"We're done!" She'd yelled, before she turned on her heel and strode back towards her car, giving him a middle finger salute behind her as she walked away.

"Elise, I'm so sorry. I feel terrible. I was out of my mind! Please! Tell me what I can do..."

Elise turned around slowly, and narrowed her eyes. "What you can do is cut off your thing so that you don't ever hurt another woman again. I thought you were different, Marcus. But you're just like the rest of them. Controlled by your cock. You're pathetic!!!" Elise yelled at the top of her lungs, hoping his neighbors would hear her. Hoping the world would hear her. He deserved utter humiliation.

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