Harry: You had just been cast as Justin's love interest in his newest video "As Long As You Love Me." When you told him he insisted on coming with you to the shoot. You brought him along with you and he sat around the set while you got wardrobe and makeup. Finally, it came to the point where you were filming with Justin. He was singing to you and finally pulled you in for a kiss. The director yelled for you to kiss until the song ended so they could get more shots. Justin had his hands all over you until the end of the song. When he pulled away you smiled and went to go get your makeup retouched. Harry came to sit by you and pouted. "He's just a boy. I'm a man; I can kiss you better than that." He said. You stroked his cheek and kissed him softly. "I know babe, he's not very good." You winked and kissed him once more until you were called back to set.

Louis: You and Justin had met at an awards show where you had accompanied Louis as a date, but you two had hit it off. He called you up one day and asked if you'd like to be in his new music video for his song "Die in Your Arms." You happily agreed, thinking it was a great opportunity. You brought Louis along so you could grab lunch with him after filming. Louis sat and watched as Justin serenaded you and brought you roses and candy. When you finally got a break Louis wrapped his arms around you and kissed you sweetly. You kissed back and smiled. "What was that for?" You asked. "Just showing the little brat whose girlfriend you are." He said. He looked up from your eyes to see Justin watching and he smirked and kissed you again.

Liam: You were on the set of "Mistletoe" by Justin Bieber and you were getting your makeup done when Liam showed up, with flowers and chocolate in hand. You smiled and took the flowers and planted a small kiss on his lips, trying not to mess up your lipstick. "That's a lot of makeup you're wearing." He noted, sitting in your makeup chair. You rolled your eyes at him taking your seat and nodded. "I have to look good in preparation of being kissed my Justin." Liam's eyes got wide. "What do you mean, kiss?" He asked slowly. "I mean, kiss. You know, when two people's lips meet and sometimes there's tongue." You explained, a smile spreading on your face. Liam frowned. "If he slips any tongue at you, his nose will be broken." You gently slapped your boyfriend's arm. "You are way better than Justin, and you always will be." You whispered planting a kiss on his lips.

Niall: You and Justin were dancing with Justin Bieber; his hands slid up your sides and caressed your stomach softly. You leaned into him and his lips gently brushed yours. The music stopped and Justin pulled away. You smiled at him as the director yelled, "That's a wrap!" You and Justin hugged before you turned and saw a very angry Niall standing at the edge of set. You walked over and opened your arms, intending there to be a hug, but he pulled you in for a kiss. It was slow and long and passionate. When he pulled away you blushed. "He better not ever put his hands on you like that again, because-" You shushed him by giving him another kiss. "He's nothing compared you babe. You're way better in every way." You smiled as Niall grinned smugly and kissed you again.

Zayn: You were lying on the bed on set while you stage cried for the cameras. Zayn was watching from the side and you could tell it was hurting him to see you in pain like that, even if it was just acting. It took everything in his power not to rush over and wipe away your tears. Suddenly Justin appeared to do Zayn's job. He wiped away your tears and kissed you softly. You ended the shot in an intense make out on the bed. Justin was hovering over you with a smile on his face and you smiled back. Suddenly Justin was yanked back by your boyfriend who pulled you off the bed and shot Justin a dirty look. "They said you were done for today, how about we grab some lunch?" He attempted to stay calm and not strangle Justin. You nodded and pulled your jealous boyfriend off set. "I can't believe you almost attacked Justin..." You told him when he opened the door for you at the restaurant you decided to eat lunch at. "But I must say you look really hot when you're jealous." He smirked and kissed you.

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