"Shit!" I cursed stinging in my teeth as I act fast and pulled the shard of glass off. And I stood up keeping my weight balanced.

"Come on! My place isn't far, we'll just have to walk three blocks."

"T-thanks... I can manage to walk" I gave him a reassuring smile as he nodded and carried Bob as we walk around the new strange world that crafted earth.


I was in dire need of water my legs felt like noodles and my knees sore from the cut, yet it was still raw and my stomach crumbled pouring acid in yearning for hunger.

We stopped in the middle of nowhere. Cain pulled out an orb and threw it on the ground with a loud crack opening a door.

"Your home is to fossil yourself?"

"No. I don't live here. I stumbled into this woods years ago since I was a child. I thought I was lost."

Instead of landing on my feet. I didn't fell, but I was turned around and stumbled a bit. I looked up and the television was hanged upside down, the lamp, kitchen, bathroom. Everything.

Beneath my feet, the floor was a cushion, and the fabric is designed in swirling and electric signs symbols glowing in white. And the ceiling is also designed but its glowing black.

It was odd its glowing I've never seen black glowing dim. There's a hidden meaning in them that I could taste it in my mouth. Wait, seriously I could taste it in my mouth. It tasted sweet. Why is this happening?

"Holy shit... This is your place?" I looked around smelling the place. Fungus mixed with moss mixture of sea salt and daisy.

"Yeah... sorry if you smell that. That's my deogr. Also known as 'dog'. She's been visiting my home and she helped me get out when I injured my ear."

I winched at the pain and a feather ghost kissed my head as my legs turned noodles and fainted. But a couch rises from the cushion floor, comforted me as I breathe heavily.

Cain grabbed first aid kit from the cupboards and give it to me. I thanked him and stitched the bruise without assistance as Cain offered me a hot coffee.

"Thank you. But can we go back... Up?" My voice croaked came out in response like there's a frog stuck in my throat. As I took sip of the indulging brewed black coffee that warmed my whole body.

"Yes, but we can't right now. I've explored there's a limit to leave this dimension. If you got here and leave, you'll be on a different dimension. Something worse. But you'll leave at exactly twelve twelve o'clock.

"And the time here is confusing than our world. It goes backwards and numbers are upside down."

Cain continued and looked up the marked walls, and a big mark shaped into a clock glowed in the walls behind the marks. The numbers are unrecognizable, yet there are hints of numbers that are visible to the eye, they're backwards and upside down even in the wrong places.

The twelve, one, two, three, four, five, and six are supposed to be on the left side. Instead its on the opposite side. Same with eleven, ten, nine, eight, and seven.

"Now," Cain continued."Its currently one am. So we have to stay here and rest, we leave at night and daytime back to our world."

I nodded in awe."What about our friends and the campus? They might be thinking we skipped..." I grabbed a pillow and hugged it while biting into its plush."what will happen if Captain called us...?" I mumbled the words back on my teeth squeezing my throat.

"Shit happens," He shrugged and continued. "But I already called her and inform the professors we're mia at the moment due to spraining legs."

I winced. "Well... its daytime. Maybe we could explore this universe." I shrugged as I forgot my pain ol' friend bite me back.

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