Chapter 14

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We didn't looked back but Cain grabbed my waist and we jumped into the portal. We met pitch.

Then we heard a descending boom to reveal a different world. It looks the same as our home. Only its different, everything is vibrant and carefree. The sky was white and the ground was black, but different variety of colors painted the scene that I couldn't taste the feeling.

It had houses full of trees and mothernature. Its slightly grim but bright and dark, it wasn't colorful.

"What." I looked around dumb struck.

"Wow. Things haven't change." Cain looked around.

"You know this?"

Cain nodded. "I hang out here. I lived here. And more important question,

"How the hell did you sent us upside down?!"

"The bracelet! I got it when Enara and I found Bob on the bridge." I frantically looked around and Bob was staring at us.

I bent down. "Where did you get this?" I showed him the bracelet and Bob opened his mouth and wrote.

"An old woman dropped it. She took care of me until she disappeared. It contains weapons and it writes to the owner. And a sign of danger."

I only gaped and Chain looked dumb struck.

"Do you know how it works?"

Bob wrote. "No."

I sighed as I stared at Cain."This is hell isn't it?" I widened my eyes.

I cried." Please forgive me! I didn't mean to steal everyone's food in their dorms and I didn't mean to swear! I was depressed back then blame it on the lemons!"

I kneeled praying breathing heavily as Cain looked at me stupidly.

"If we're in hell. We should be burned right now and Satan will turn us into demons."

"Okay... But where are we?"

Cain shook his head. "We're on the upside down. This isn't a normal world, a dimension. And caution, everybody here is dangerous and not friendly. Keep in mind if you saw people walking around here. They're friendly but they're not."

Just then the world shakes and everything started to blur and spinning. It finally stopped and everything changes, it was nighttime and the trees are on top of the sky and grass. There's nothing supporting them on top, and everything is filled with city buildings and houses in strange shapes and color.

Underneath us, the ground isn't a road or earth soil. Its a hard pavement with glowing symbols oddly printed all the paths. It was hard to identify the surroundings, we're not in our world anymore. It was somewhere else that awaits us.

A loud thud and a painful scratch on the metal, burned my ears. Cain and I reach out our guns pointing at our surroundings with a panicking beat drummed in action silhouetted in the lost timbers.

And my heart was sliced in half hearing the painful menacing scratch. As the door to the ceiling opened, revealing a rotten creature.

"The father's devil... " I draw my gun at the creature.

The creature lunged at us with a second and kicked out ribs as our painfully dissolved bones cracked that we can barely stand up, because of our fight earlier in the bridge.

Cain reached something into his pocket and threw it at the creature before I could examine the item. Just as the creature burst into black sand in white flames howling a glass shrieks, actually spitting out glass shards. And one shot right at my shoulder before I could had the chance to avoid.

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