The struggle for love

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I feel we are back,
No longer the same.
Back to being strangers,
Ready to play the game,.

Even though I love you,
And I hope you love me too.
We have lost so much strings,
Its hard to say it too.

I'll try my hardest,
I hope you do too.
I will show it to you,
In words or in veins,
That these feelings,
Haven't died for you.

I hope you understand,
Those gone days that I didn't speak,
But everywhere I couldn't forget,
Those words we did preach.

I can't believe I am standing here now,
Able to call you my own.
But I believe it isn't too late,
To stop this from going down.

I assure you,
You deserve me.
More than you think, you do.
But everytime it's me that wonders,
That maybe I don't deserve you.

I want to wipe your tears,
But I am too far.
Both in the land,
And in the heart.

But I am climbing closer,
After all I had fallen.
But I rose up,
Just for you.

But I won't give up,
Not so easily too,
Because what I believe,
Is that I want to be with you.

Call me stubborn,
Or a freak,
Maybe even a selfish prick.

But two great minds,
Too small to set a spark.
Understand eachother so well,
Even without a mark.

And even though we are so far,
I will make it like we are here.
Together, sharing,
Our unspoken years.


The Dead Revolutionary

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