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Late on the evening there is a small knock on James' door.

The young male opens and Sacha stood there in front of him. "Can I sleep here....?"

Confused as worried James lets her in "What happened?" he asks.

Sacha sighs. "I dropped out of school because of my grades and absence and now mum kicked me out."

"..." James processes it in his head before answering. "So, your mother kicked you out? she basically made you homeless?" James asks.

"Yep..... and I thought because I date you and you offered that I -" Sacha cuts of.

"Ho..ho... wait, we are officially dating?" He looks shocked as well flattered. It sinks down for a moment, then he celebrates "YES!" followed by a deep breathe to calm himself down. "Go on.." he says acting like nothing happened, although he's inside his head really hyped about it.

"I'm staying here...." Sacha says.

"Wonderful! but... my home has some rules. No partying and don't bring chaos in...." James says. "And please... I know you don't like to work, but take care of my house and don't just sit all day watching television. Okay?"

"Hmmm..... okay." Sacha responds.

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