Chapter 11 Hey Plant Guy.....WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!

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Today was another day of hell and guess who's turn it was this time? Yep, plant guy. I have to admit he freaked me out a bit...I mean...A PLANT THAT EATS PEOPLE!!! I saw him do it one time at dinner, we had BBQ....he had a head....*shudders*

'Let's do I make fun of this guy....'

"Hey Mr. Venus fly trap, what are we gonna do?"

The white half seemed calm but the black half glared at me.

"Heeeeello! Cookies n cream, I asked you a question."

"We are Zetsu."

"Whatever you say Green Giant. Don't you belong at the super market?"

"She's mean.....Let's eat her."


"Then be nice."

".......So if I'm nice then you won't eat me?" I asked skeptically.




"Promise not to have a kid with me?"

"That we can't do. Besides it's not like we're going to rape you, Leader-Sama said to get to know us and let nature do the rest."

"You are nature though, duh!"

".....She pisses me off, let's eat her. I dunno, I think she's kinda cute."

I was shocked. Did he just compliment me? He couldn't of...but I heard it...When I thought about it, that was the first compliment I think I got here from well....anyone.

"She may be hot but she's a bitch. How would you feel if you were forced in an uncomfortable place and told you were gonna have a kid for other's benefits? ............. Exactly."

This guy was a total two person. One half was nice and understood me, as for the other half, was a bit harsh and easy to piss off......He was funny. Zetsu lead me to a room I never got to explore before. It was outside and looked kinda like....a garden dome?

Light was actually shining through, REAL SUNLIGHT! The place was surrounded by flowers, small trees, and other plants. I walked up to the cactus flowers and sniffed them.

"Mmmm~ Pretty!"

It's been awhile since I've been happy and not sarcastic. I was actually enjoying myself, just a little though.

"You like cactus flowers?" Zetsu asked and I nodded. "So do we." Zetsu said with a smile and I blushed slightly.


Zetsu chuckled.

"Your cute when you blush."

This only caused my blush to deepen and I hid it behind a plant.

"I think that only makes it cuter."


"I think she actually has a sweet side to her."

"D-Do not! I-I'm an evil person! Trust me, the kid would be a demon baby!"

"This isn't exactly the girl scout cookie company sweet heart."

I rolled my eyes before coming out from behind the bush. I noticed something fell from my pocket and I looked down to see the ring I stole from the snake man.

'Huh, forgot about that...'

Zetsu picked it up and eyed it.

"Where did you get this?"

"I stole it from the snake guy that kidnapped me." I said and the plant nodded.

"We better tell Leader-Sama....Yeah, let's go."

Before I knew it, the plant guy was gone and my heart ached a bit.

'Seriously....what's going on?'


Le sigh....Another short chapter....but hey at least I'm updating more often. Now can anyone guess who her love interest is? If you can't, then here's your sign XD Yeah that's right! It's the cannibalistic plant guy! Anyone think about what Misaki's name means? It mean Beautiful BLOSSOM!!! Duh, lol who knows, maybe at least one of you got it ;P


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