Snow Miser

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The first thing I noticed upon waking was the temperature; blistering cold, colder than before. Slowly sitting up with chattering teeth, I took in my surroundings.

I'm laying on a snowbank for a bed, in an icy tomb that closely resembled a bedroom. I shuffled to the door, arms tightly hugging my cold body as my teeth chattered, taking hold of the knob and slipping into the hall. It took me a moment to gain my footing, the floor was solid ice and smooth as glass. I sneezed, and it echoed all around me. Just as I'm about to cry, something darted out and around a corner too quickly for me to see what it was. The need for answers kicking alive, I took off after it. After going down a few halls, I came upon an ajar door and carefully peeked inside.

It appeared to be a throne room, a large ice block carved into chair sat up against one wall. Running all over the place are tiny men dressed in blue, their skin like ice and hair like untouched snow. They were putting up decorations of baby blue and snow-white; ice flowers so neat and proud, snowmen cutouts with little specks of brown that made up the face, and the loveliest strings of snowflakes I ever saw. Part of me wanted to reach out and touch one, just to see what it felt like, then someone came through the double doors across the room and I pulled back.

The first thing I noticed about the new arrival is that he's taller than the rest of them, his narrow snowy face has a nose that could cut cheese with icicles hanging from it. From an unknown source, music began to play and with a wide carnival straw hat and a crystal baton, he started to dance and sing.

(Snow Miser song)

"Well boys how was that? Never mind, I'll try again later. How are those decorations coming along?" He glanced over them while tapping his pointy chin. "Hmm...something's missing." One of the mini ice men spot me and tugged at miser's scarf before pointing at me. I quickly pulled back but it was too late.

"Is that our special guest now?" Slowly, I peeked out. "Aw don't be shy, come on out so we can see you." I hesitated before slowly sliding out.

"Much better." I fiddled with my fingers, childishly refusing to meet his gaze. "I'm sorry I came so soon, if I had known about the song I would've waited." "It's fine," he said, casually waving me off, "at least now I finally get to talk to you." In a few leaps, he was on the throne, it took a while for me to wobble over and stand before him.

"You have questions no doubt." I nodded slightly. "How did I get here?" "My little workers were out collecting ice when they found you in a snowbank. I imagine you fell out of Santa's sleigh but you lay in the snow long enough to shrink whatever bump you received." My hand almost instantly went to my scalp, it's a little sore but nothing serious.

"Thank you." He leaned forward a little with his chin in one hand. "You're very polite, from what I hear, girls like you usually aren't." I shrugged. "I'm one of a kind." "So I see." He replied with a lazy smile, I bashfully tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, a shy smile tugging at my lips.

"And you have the most graceful nod, the slightest bob of your chin." I arched a skeptical brow. "That's a rather unusual compliment." "As long as it's positive can it really be that strange?" "Point taken." At that moment a strong blast of icy wind rolled in, making my teeth chatter violently.

"Oh dear, you must be freezing." He clapped his hands twice. "Fellas, bring in the fur!" Several seconds later a few of his workers came in holding a large white fur coat on their little shoulders. He swept it up effortlessly with one hand and approached me. I smiled faintly before turning so he could rest it on my shoulders. He fingers alight over it as I slipped my hands through the sleeves and pulled it tightly around me. As I turned around while buttoning it up, my eyes slowly slip into his line of vision and he froze. Movements slowing, I raised my head and stiffened when our eyes met. Silence fell, in which the only thing I could hear was my pounding heart.

"You know, that nod of yours isn't the only thing that's lovely to look upon." My face went red as my hands clasped themselves in front of me. "You...don't really mean that." He slid a careful hand under my chin, I surprised myself by not pulling back as he ran his blue glove finger just beneath my lower lip.

"Oh but I do my dear, I most definitely do." My face turned red in record time and I pulled back, only to stumble on the ice which resulted in falling into him, one cheek pressed against his chest. He was absolutely freezing but smelled something like pine needles and scrambled eggs. I stood, using his arms for leverage while avoiding his eyes at all costs, but out the corner of my eyes, I can't help noticing his smile.

"So my dear one, care for a tour of my humble abode?" I giggled lightly, I've only been here a little while and 'humble' isn't the word I'd use to describe it. I nodded gently. 

"I'd like that." He moves me so that I'm draped on his arm, I feel my cheeks flush anew as we start walking, him smiling at me all the way. It isn't until we exit the room when I finally return it.        

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