3: Keys, History and the Guild

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♤♤The magic Council♤♤

A man sat at his desk, signing papers, only the sound of his light breathing can be heard in the sound less room.

But, all good things can't always last long, for the door busted open, revealing a panting soldier.

The man spat the desk sighed and put his own down. Annoyance visible on his face.

"What is it?" He asked, tapping his foot impatiently.

"S-Sir! We just receive report of strange weather and a large amount of magic power being used on an abandoned island named 'Xveli'." The soldier informed, panting in betweeen sentences.

The man is now curious in the topic and stopped his tapping foot. His mind went back to the island. There was no sign of mages the last time he went there, only animals and beasts.

"Was their any specification on what magic was used?" He asked.

The soldier shook his head and lowered his head im apology.

"N-no Sir! The only information we got is from the citizens on the next island. They said they saw thunder clouds forming and just disappeared once it got to the next island. Also, a large blast can be seen and heard that came from Xveli!" The soldier breathed out.

The man rested his chin on his palms and hummed.

"Very well, gather the best men you can get and prepare the ships. In two months, we'll go to the island and bring back the mage." The man spoke.

The soldier nodded and went out the door and closed the door behind him, the sound of his scurrying feet were faint and soon was never heard again.

The man leaned back into his chair and a heavy sigh left his lips.

A mage on an abandoned island?

Never a good sign.

But, a strong wizard like that will be quite useful to the Council....

But, who is this person? What are they like?

Whoever it is...

Just what magic do they use?

♤♤At Y/n and E/n♤♤

Day 31

Oh how Y/n tried her best to unlock the rest of her elements.

So far, she gotten the lightning element to come out.

It happened after she did the spell 6 days ago. That spell was mostly lightning anyways so it made sense.

But Y/n... isn't really making much progress...She needs Acnologia --her dad-- to help her.

She tried everything, from reading to forcing herself. But nothing helps her.

Y/n sighed as she closes the 56th book and toss them in a pile where the other books lay. She groaned and shut her eyes.

"Still couldn't find anything yet Y/n?" E/n asked, flipping through her book that had a cover of a sword on it.

"Sadly, no. I've tried everything." Y/n sighed, leaning back in her chair and opening her tired e/c eyes to meet the concern blue ones of her feline friend.

"Well, it'll come around, just don't force yourself alright?" E/n said, patting the girl's head.

Y/n huffed and close her eyes and run her fingers through her washed silky h/c hair.

"Come on, let's take a walk, it'll clear your mind." E/n said and took hold of the girl's hand and grew her pearly white wings. Y/n whined and groan and sunk in her chair.

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