It's a secret

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I sit in my room crying, cuddling up to my big penguin I got given when I was born, lying on my bed letting my emotions roam free not caring if anyone was to walk into my room.

You maybe wondering why I'm crying well, my parents ...... Oh before I tell you my story I better introduce myself, I'm Ashleigh, I'm 17 originally from the UK but me and my family moved to Australia when I was 7. anyway back to the story so I'm lead on my bed cuddling up to my penguin and crying because pretty much all my life I've been abused and threatened by my mum and dad, I'm an only child so they can't make up an excuse that the other child made them angry. I know I'm 17 and I should be used to it but I'm not. Anyway I think thats enough of the sob story besides my mum and dad are out tonight and I'm gonna go hang out with Lauren, they don't know about it. Anyway Lauren told me she has something she's been wanting to tell me for quite a while.

I sit up wiping away the tears that have got trapped in my eyes, I go to the bathroom to redo my makeup before walking to my wardrobe to find some clothes to wear. I decide to wear an old tank top with a pair of trackies and put my hair up roughly in a bun. I grab my phone to message Lauren letting her know I'm on my way, I soon get a message back but don't bother to reply. I shut the front door making sure its locked before walking to the old yard near Laurens house.

"Laurennnnnnnn" I say running towards my best friend tackling her in a hug. "OMG Ashleiiigh" she shouts hugging me back. we walk to our 'den' which is basically a hedge that has a big arched shape cut out of it. we were 8 when we "made" the den so don't judge me aha.

"So Lauren what was this thing you've been dying to tell me for a while?" I ask with a mixture of excitement and confusion in my voice. "Well, I didn't wanna say it when I found out you were a fan but I have a brother and he's in a band..." she explains slowly making sure I understand everything she says. "yeah.....wait I'm a fan of them...?" I ask more confused than before."OMG Ash its Ashton Irwin he's my brother and I know you have a huge celebrity crush on him." she explains looking away from me. "WAIT.... his last name is Irwin and yours is Dawkins???" I say even more confused than last time "That's not my actual last name, its a cover last name so no one starts asking me if I'm related to Ashton." she says before asking me if I'm gonna start fangirling "no of course I'm not, why would I fangirl over my best friend that's just weird haha." "trueee.... BUT you can't tell ANYONE that I'm related to Ashton Okay?" she asks looking me in the eyes " I promise I won't." I say nodding so she definitely knows I won't tell anyone. my thoughts wonder off.

OMFG SHE'S ASHTON IRWIN'S SISTER, AND ASHTON IRWINS SISTER IS MY BESTFRIEND..... I get snapped out of thought by hearing Laurens voice "So do you?" she says with one eye brow raised "Do I what? you know me I always blank out haha sorry." I explain pretending to look sad even though I know She'll say there's no need to be sorry "haha yeah I know you do, its alright, I asked you if you would like to meet him when he's back from his tour which will be...." she says before checking something on her phone then finishing her sentence "Tomorrow" she says standing up, I stand up too, hugging her tightly ." THANKYOU for telling me" I say "its okay Ash, you don't know how annoying it is when I go to call you Ashton instead of Ashleigh haha" she explains, I look at my phone checking the time before realizing my parents were gunna be home at 8p.m and its 8.30p.m "SHIT I GOTTA GO BEFORE MY PARENTS REALISE IM NOT THERE" I say before hugging her and running home......

I can't walk in the front door otherwise they'll have ago at me.

I decide to climb the drainpipe to my bedroom window which is always open. I hop in and hop on my bed just before my mum walks in the room. "Hey sweetie" great she's doing this 'One minute nice, next minute nasty' thing she always does. "uhh..Hey Mum" I say a little hastily "Why are you in going out clothes?" she asks trying to keep calm "Because I err... went to get some milk coz we were running out" I say knowing she won't believe me "Oh Okay sweetie thankyou" she says before walking out my room and shutting the door. well that went better than usual. My phone starts playing 5 Seconds Of Summer - Social Casualty meaning someone was ringing me. I pick up before hearing a familiar laugh but don't take any intention as to who's laugh it was. Lauren speaks up and says "Ashleigh guess who's back early?" she says I instantly remember what she said earlier "I thought he weren't home till tomorrow?" I ask her remembering what she said a few hours before "yeaa they finished earlier than expected so Ash came home instead of staying with the boys till the morning, my mum went to pick him up while I was with you earlier, I never knew till I got home earlier....." she said but I interrupted her "SHIT Lauren I got to go speak soon, love yoooooooou" I whisper and she laughs before hanging up, I quickly put my phone on my bedside table and lie down hugging my penguin before the door opens. "WERE YOU ON THE PHONE TO SOMEONE? WHY AREN'T YOU IN YOUR PYJAMAS?" my dad shouts, his voice ringing through my head making me wince " I went to the shops earlier to get some milk then I was doing homework." I say innocently,my dad lowers his tone of voice."Oh, thankyou Ash, oh and if you ever want to meet up with Lauren just let us know" he explains while sitting on the edge of my bed making me sit up. "you're welcome dad, and can I meet up with Lauren tomorrow please?" I ask wincing, waiting for him to shout again. "Of course you can just remind me in the morning." he says before standing up and opening the door. "Oh dad..." I began making dad turn around "Thankyou." I say smiling, he walks over to me kissing my forehead before walking out and shutting the door. I get up, get in my pyjamas and go to the bathroom to take my makeup off, I then walk into my room,turn the light off and snuggle up in my bed checking the time on my phone reading that it says "11.35p.m" 'I better get some sleep I gotta be at Laurens for 1p.m tomorrow' I thought before snuggling up to my penguin and falling into a deep sleep.

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