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Megan P.O.V

There was a football game tonight and so the bumble bees were there to.

Well at first it started out great, but I messed up I caused two other bumble bees to fall and the game mostly everyone on the cheerleading team wouldn't talk to me.

So here I am at Mount Justice in my room with tears in my eyes. How could I mess up. Everyone hates me. Everyone's going to want me off the team.

Good thing Conner wasn't there he would have beaten up everyone how was laughing at me. He was off to a misson with the others.

I had tears streaning down my face and tears in my eyes making it hard to see.  I really messed up this time. I'm not good enough.

Batman P.O.V

I was at Mount Justice waiting for the others. I'm not sure if Megan is back or not.

So I decided to walk to the training room but soon stopped to the sound of someone crying. The sound was coming from Megan's room. I knocked on the door quietly and said

"Hey Megan, is everything okay? Can I come in?"

Megan P.O.V

I heard a nice soft tone of speaking that I have never heard before. They seemed nice.

I responded still sniffing "Yes, you can come in."

Who I saw at the door shocked me. It was no other than Batman.

"Megan whats wrong?" He asked with concern in his voice.
"I messed up and now everyone hates me." I responded quietly with tears in my eyes.

"No one hates you for messing up, they may be mad, but its a part of life and your amazing. So if they do hate you then they are missing out on a great person." Batman responded.

Some reason I felt a little bit better but still upset.

"Besides I'm sure they have messed up. Even I mess up on missions and while I am at my real job." Batman adds.

He made me feel better and I will never forget what he said to me.

So I have learned two important things (1) Its okay to mess up and (2) That Batman can be a caring person.

Author Note:  my friend Ghostly_Business helped me with some of this.

Thanks so much for reading this. I came up with the idea when I was on YouTube and saw a batman videk with the song on my own. Hope you enjoyed. Please tell me what you thought.

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