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This was requested by DizzyAzzy09

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This was requested by DizzyAzzy09

Um idk how to make this kinky but imma try lol.

I wanna cry for no reason lol.

Also new book is coming up :3

Also this is very short, im sorry -



"So....whats mommy's rule no. 1?" Maria asked, walking left and right like commander.

On floor, Eliza was in black lingerie, her hair tied to sides, her eyes already teary.

"I-im so..sorry..." She whispered, feeling quilty.

But she knew it wasn't real apology.

She wanted this.

Maria has teased her through all day with varius of sexts and nudes that made Eliza go wild.

And that is why she is in this situation.

"This I hear, but I didn't ask for apology, hun. I asked for a rule, kitten." Maria ourred, gave her that glory smile.

Eliza bit her lip nervously.

"Never disobey mommy." She whispered.

"And what did you did??" Maria asked her skeptically.

Eliza's breath hitched.

"I disbeyed her..." She teared.

"Her?? Who is her?? Mother Teresa?" She asked sarcastically.

"N-no...I...I disobeyed mommy..." She whimpered.

"Much better now. Tell me what you did." Maria praised her.

Eliza sighed softly.

"I...i fingered myself...over picture of Brendon Urie...." She whimpered.

Maria nodded.

"Good girl. Now since your sins are out, you need to be forgiven. But dont worry, mommy has got you a treat." Maria kneeled to her.

Eliza's eyes sparkled.

Maria reached over pulling out big dildo with two side.

One for her, and one for Eliza.

"Now baby. You need to stay quiet. Not a peep unless it is a safecolour. Colour?" Maria asked as she out hand on her face.

"Green." Eliza chocked out.

Maria smiled.


Maria helped Eliza to get out of her lingerie and laid her on floor.

Maria kissed Eliza and Eliza kissed her back, moaning.

Maria's hand on her breast, her leg between her legs while her other hand is squeezing her ass.

Soon the kiss and the scene was heated.

Maria was rubbing Eliza's breasts with her own, her knee rubbing her clit, kiss was heated and Maria pulled out, there was saliva connected to their lips.

Eliza arched her back, Maria slipped finger in her womanhood as Maria kissed her breasts, her birthmark (which was below her breast), her stomache.

Soon Maria get to that...aria and all what she did was to put Eliza's legs higher and eat her out like no tommorow and slipped the tongue inside of her walls.

Eliza was trying to not buck her lips, to not scream.

Her eyes were watering as Maria was tongue fucking her.

It felt so good.

But yet, she needed more.

Soon enough, Eliza felt her stomache to build a knot.

Meaning she was about to come.

Sensing that, Maria pulled away, making Eliza whine in distress.

"Sorry baby, you need to earn that." Maria laughed at her girlfriend.

Eliza scoffed.

Then her mouth shaped into perfect 'O' as she felt dildo entered her.

Heard Maria groan at other end.

Eliza whimpered to stay quiet.

She needed to moan, the pleasure was unbearable.

Soon, Maria begin to move, fucking them both.

Both were moaning, Maria didn't seem to care so much.

Then Maria went on harder and harder making Eliza cry of frustration.

"M-mommy!!! Please I need to comeee!!" She whined pitifully.

After what seemed three thrusts, she give permission for Eliza to come.

Eliza thankfull comes all over toy, Maria hips stuttering and she cames right after.

Eliza pants, tries to pull away till Maria grabs her arm.

"What cha doing?? You thought that we are done?? Oh baby girl..." With that Maria pulled out dildo of her and Eliza, making Eliza stand.

Maria sat on bed, Eliza whimpered knowing what it means.

She laid down on Maria's thighs.

"Good girl." Maria praised, reached behind her.

It was a wip.

Eliza gulped.

"H...how many do you think I deserve?" Eliza barely whispered.

Maria grinned.

"I thought 20 would be good for a slut like you...but I think you would love to be at 25..." Maria grinned like psychopath and Eliza cried out.

She layed still.

Ready for a pain.


Was all Maria said before she felt stinging pain on her ass.

A wip.

The end.


Yeh ik its short, im sorry.

I just dont feel like I wanna write anything now.

It is just feeling like, you wanna draw, you dont feel like it, you wanna write, you dont wanna, etc.

Well i hope you still enjoyed, the requests are still open so if you want, please request :)


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