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Sebastian lays Steve gently on the sofa, preparing a  cup of tea for both of them. Once it's done he places a cup on the salon table and sits down in a nearby chair, shoving it towards the sofa and watching Steve. He's calm so far...

Sebastian takes a sip, he let his eyes wander to Steve's bandages. He puts the cup of tea down and starts to shove the sleeves from Steve's oversized yellow hoody up to take a  better look at the bandages. They nearly reach his elbows some parts contain dark red marks from blood.

Steve wakes up, his eyes stood paranoid towards Sebastian as he climbs panicking from the sofa and tries to find a way out.

"Ssssh..... Steve... It's just me..." Sebastian whispers slooowly aproaching Steve's terrified body.

"STAY AWAY!" Steve shouts.

"Ssssh....Breathe..." Sebastian whispers,

Steve takes a shaky breathe, standing like he'll defence himself.

"Let me help you..." Sebastian whispers clear but slow.

"Don't hurt me Strugai!" Steve says.

"I'm Seb. your best friend. You dated me last year... remember?" Sebastian tries.

Steve takes a shaky breathe. "I can't see you..." he whispers.

".....? What do you mean you can't see me?" Sebastian asks.

"I see a shadow that'll eat me...." Steve mumbles.

"There is no shadow here.... Let's hug... I'll protect you. Okay? ... we'll find a way to fix this." Sebastian says.

Steve nods quietly.

Sebastian approach Steve to let the tall male hug him.

"I'm scared.... what's happening to me?" Steve starts to cry.

Sebastian cradles "Ssssh.... You just need sleep... you'll be alright." Sebastian says, he is not a great doctor's student. He doesn't see that what Steve has is more than something about sleep...

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