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Namjoon Hyung:

It's Taehyung
And hey Namjoon Hyung
What's up

Namjoon Hyung:
Who is Choi Minho?
And what's his relations with Jin?

Hyung I don't think I should tell you that
That's not my responsibility
Jin needs to tell you himself
And whenever he's ready to tell you all about it I'm sure he'd spill the beans faster than he eats.
Just give him time, he'll come around at one point

Namjoon Hyung:
Is it that bad?
That's really worrying...
How's Jin now?
Is he doing okay?
Is he holding up well?
His neck looked really bruised and that wound in his leg looked deep
Why don't you take him to the hospital?
I'm really worried, I'm so sorry

It's okay..
He's okay, still unconcious but okay
I bandaged his leg up and Jungkook went out to get ointment for his neck
His phone is completely broken now and the glass screen protector managed to come off and I found half of it covered in blood
I think that's what pierced his leg
And Jin Hyung doesn't like hospitals and I pledged I'd only take him if he broke a serious bone or if he fell from a building, etc.

Namjoon Hyung:
So like
He has no phone?

None at all

Namjoon Hyung:
Expect another visit in about 30 minutes

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Wait what's that supposed to mean?
Oh whatever!


Namjoon burst through Seokjin's door to see Taehyung pacing up and down in the living room. Jungkook sat on the couch, hands in his hair.

"Guys," Namjoon mumbled, getting both of the young boys' attention.

They stared at the bag in his hand.

"What's that?" Taehyung questioned, staring at the white pastic bag.

Namjoon held it up before looking in the bag at the contents it held. He smiled and handed them over to Taehyung.

"It's my 'get well soon' gift for Seokjin. Don't tell him it was from me," the older said before leaving again and within a second, he was gone.

Jungkook stared at the door.

Maybe I should talk to Namjoon.


hey hyung

Oh hey kookie
Whats up?

im worried about tae
he always gets like this
when something bad happens
and then he completely changes
especially when it comes to jin
its something about his past that makes taehyung so upset
he's usually very very bubbly

I know what you mean
I understand Taehyung as well
He's worried about his friend
When I asked him about Jin's past he said he couldn't tell me
It is probably just that bad that he goes into such a terrible state

i know but im worrying about his mental health
im scared for him as well
what if he gets depressed over this
what if he does something he regrets
and he never tells me anything about this

Kookie, I know how you feel
Really I do
My best friend has depression and anxiety and his health still isn't okay
But trust me when I say, the moment Taehyung feels at ease with everything that is going on or when the problem has been solved, he will open up
Just have faith in him 🙂

i guess youre right
what kind of a boyfriend am i if i cant be there for him?
thanks hyung ❤️

You're welcome Kookie ❤️

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|A/N Happy new year everyone 💜💜

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