Fear- Vikklan

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Okay the start is a little more... weird than I thought it was going to be. Implied sexual content, but only a little bit.


Lachlan's P.O.V.

"Ummmmm truth or dare.... Jerome." Preston's evil look said a lot and I knew at once that if Jerome chose truth, then he was absa-fudging-lootly screwed. I saw the resigned look on Jerome's face, but combined with a smug smirk, I knew he was ready.

"Dare." He said steadily, with absolutely no hesitation. Preston grinned evilly, rubbing his hands together.

"I dare you to make Mitch moan." Mitch reached across the circle and pretend slapped Preston.

"Why am I always involved in Jerome's dares!" He complained. "This is fun for him and embarrassing for me and it's Jerome's dare!"

I knew he was joking, he was rolling his eyes and little snorts of laughter left his mouth, clearly he didn't care one little bit. He and Jerome were always the outgoing ones, the ones who did less than savoury things in less than savoury places, so I knew he didn't give anything about the dare.

"Cause I'm mean. It was also your dare that made Rob tease me for 11 hours last week, so don't expect me to be nice." Preston was giggling, one of his hands covering his mouth and Rob squeezing his shoulder, also giggling.

Vikk and I were watching from the couch, the others were all sitting on the floor or on beanbags, giggling quietly together. We were being the third wheels, Merome and Poofless were both real but unfortunately for me, considering my massive crush on Vikk, he was as straight as a ruler, at least from what I knew.

The pairs loved making bets or dare behind their partners back, to tease them or annoy them for a few hours, just because why not. But they were still very close, were still in healthy and stable relationships with their partner, they just liked joking around.

After a few minutes of awkwardness, in which Jerome was trying to complete the dare, I pulled out my phone and put my headphones, ignoring the laughter from Preston. Vikk looked at me desperately and I moved myself so we were both lying side by side on the couch, one earbud in each. It blocked out the noise.

The game paused for a few minutes before the next go, which was Vikk's, while Mitch chased Preston around the house, attempting to dump a bottle of water on his head. He gave up eventually but Preston didn't escape unscathed, with a huge splash of water all over his front.

Jerome smiled, rolling his eyes at his boyfriend.

"Truth or dare Vikk?" He asked.

"Truth." Vikk replied. He rarely did dares and only if they were from Rob or I because we wouldn't be assholes and make him do something that he didn't want to do or something that was humiliating.

"Hmmmmm" Jerome thought for a minute before finally asking. "What are you most afraid of?"

Vikk blinked, surprised, and open his mouth but shut it again, frowning.

"I- I dunno maybe heights?" He was confused and hesitant but Jerome shook his head.

"No, like, what are you really, really scared of, like your deepest darkest fear that you haven't told anyone." He frowned and I actually felt him start to panic a little, his chest rising and falling a little faster than normal, telling me that something was wrong.

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