Hanging up the christmas tree

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Merry Christmas everyone!!

Gavin carefully placed the star on the top, as he stared below. Conan holding him on his shoulders, how cute. "You guys done jerking each other off? Connor finished the cookies and I'm hungry" Hank groaned. "Hey! Shut up dipshit!" Gavin yelled as Conan held him on his shoulders. "It's ok, let's go eat cookies" Conan laughed with hank as they made their way to the kitchen. Gavin threw his Santa hat across the floor as he took a seat on the stool, watching Connor take out the cookies from the oven. "Here you go! And NO they're not for you all, it's for Santa! He's gonna bring me human clothes Conan" Connor bragged, Gavin and hank chuckled. To Connor and Conan it was a big deal to wear human clothes, but for them it was like nothing. They wore it every single day, except for Gavin. He'd rather wear underwear and a blanket and stay in bed. Gavin quickly shoved 5 cookies at once into his mouth as he turned around. "Gavin! How will Santa eat my cookies now?.." Connor whined, Gavin spat them into his hands and wiped them on his shirt. "Here you go, good as new!... sort of" Gavin chuckled, they all laughed. Except for Connor, who was whimpering on the inside.

Super rushed but merry Christmas! My sucked like piss, but hope you had a good one. K byee

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