Chapter 41 ~Harry~

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Liked by @Gemmastyles @louist91 @annetwist and 9,907,936 more

harrystyles Gems got a new dog and I'm so jealous! He's adorable!!

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Gemmastyles @harrystyles Haha!

harrystyles Louissss! Can we get a cat please?!! @louist91

louist91 @harrystyles You don't want a dog? We already have a cat.

harrystyles And? Is want another one! Can it be Persian? @louist91

louist91 I dont know love, maybe after we have the baby. @harrystyles

niallhoranofficial You better say yes Louis. @louist91

louist91 @niallhoranofficial Why?

niallhoranofficial Because I'm out for lunch with him at the moment, (he took the photo earlier) and he's about to cry because he wants another cat. @louist91

louist91 Ok, ok, fine. We'll get another bloody cat, and it'll be Persian. @harrystyles

harrystyles Yayyy! Thank you! I love you! @louist91

Gemmastyles @louist91 Ha! You're so bloody whipped!

louist91 @Gemmastyles Oh shut it,

annetwist Harry, after lunch you're coming to see me correct? @harrystyles

harrystyles Yeah mum, 'course. @annetwist

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