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Ian and Sonora raced down the hallway as fast as they could given Ian's weakened condition. He was so dehydrated and drugged. He questioned the reality of everything he saw. Is Sonora really here? Are we actually escaping or is this another fantasy I have imagined?

He tightened his arm around her until she protested. She is real then.

If we are out of that lab then we need to move, move fast. Devon will come back any minute and call his thugs to muscle me back into the cage. This is the farthest I've gotten. If he finds me now...

Ian let out a long low groan of pain at the thought of what he would suffer.

Sonora sent an intense look his way and said in a low voice. "Are you okay? Am I doing something wrong?"

Her voice brought him back to reality like a cold bucket of water. "I am fine. But please, continue to talk to me." Ian looked at the bare hallway walls and empty offices. "Where are we going?"

"This is the way I came," Sonora whispered. "There is a hidden door up here leading to the common areas near the entrance of the Marine Center. If we get through that, we will be safe. There's a lot of people out there. No one can hurt you there. Grandpa's in the car, waiting for me."

Ian nodded his head and concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. I am in the Marine Center then. Not that far from the sea and safety. Not safety. There is work to do before I can go home.

Sonora pointed ahead. "It's just up ahead, around that corner."

That was good because Ian could feel his strength fading. His muscles felt as if all their power was dripping out of them rather then empowering him. His mind drifted in and out of a gray world and worried that he would soon be unconscious on the floor.

He looked down at his little woman. She would never be able to help him up.

Ian kissed the top of her head and admired the set of Sonora's jaw. He grinned. She is determined. If determination could get me off the floor, she would do it.

Sonora flashed an irritated look at him. "Stop that. We are running for our lives. Now is not the time to go all googly-eyed."

"You are a stern woman."

"You are a high man."

"Thank you."

Sonora rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean. Now concentrate."

Ian chuckled. "Yes, my lady."

"Your father was here."

Ian felt a bolt of shock go through him. He couldn't ever remember his father going to land, though he was sure at some point he had. "Here? He was here?"

"Yes, looking for you. I thought you were still in Atlantis until he showed up."

"Where is he now?"

"When he saw you were kidnapped, he went back for reinforcements. But I couldn't wait."

"Foolish woman," Ian said with affection and worry. "This could have all been done for you. Your life is in danger now. The virus."

"I couldn't let you spend any more time in here. I just couldn't." Sonora pulled him closer. "But Jorah should be back soon. He said he is bringing all the power of Atlantis with him."

Ian stopped and pulled back from Sonora. "Father said that? Those exact words."

Sonora nodded, her eyes widened at Ian's serious tone.

"Come. We must meet Father's army. Those evildoers will not know what hit them."

Something in the back of Ian's fuzzy mind picked at him, but his mind was now on his father. Before the small buzz turned into a full warning, it was too late. They turned the corner. They were face to face with Devon.

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