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"This is going to be a boring Christmas," Mark mumbled as he pushed his tray of food away and lay his head on the canteen table. He usually went home from university for Christmas but his parents had gone back to America this year and left him in Korea.

"I'm sorry that I have to go back to China, baby," Jackson apologised and laced his fingers through Mark's soft blond hair, "I wish I could be with you."

"I wish you could be with me too," Mark smiled sadly before closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling of Jackson's fingers in his hair. In under 24 hours, Jackson would be leaving and it would be Christmas Eve. "I'm going to miss you."

"I'll miss you too but it will only be a week and we'll be back together," Jackson assured the older boy.

Mark sat up and looked at Jackson with a pout and large puppy dog eyes, "do you really have to leave? Can't you miss your flight?"

"No, baby," Jackson chuckled before leaning forward to press a soft kiss to Mark's lips, "but we can watch Christmas films tonight, eat gingerbread men and cuddle, ok?"

"Ok," Mark nodded but still felt upset. It was snowing pretty heavily and Mark hoped that it would be too dangerous for flights to depart. He knew it was selfish but he couldn't help it. He loved Jackson more than anything.


Mark lay on the sofa with his head in Jackson's lap as Jackson brushed his fingers through his hair, as he had done at lunchtime. As time progressed, Mark felt sadder about Jackson leaving and he got more selfish, praying to every god he knew of to make it snow harder and harder. Suddenly, Jackson's ringtone sounded from his jean's pocket, making Mark jump as it was right by his head. "Sorry," Jackson chuckled before taking his phone out of his pocket, "it's my mum, just a second."

Mark nodded and pulled his legs up to his chest, watching Jackson as he stood up and walked a few meters away to take the call. "Hey, mum, what's wrong?" Mark nervously bit his lip as he listened, not wanting his perfect evening with Jackson to be ruined. "No, I'm leaving in a few hours, why?" Jackson continued, "wait, what? Cancelled?" Mark's eyes lit up as he heard those words before remembering that he was being selfish and dropping his eyes down to his legs. "So, there are no more flights until Boxing day? Yeah, ok. I'll see you then, love you." Jackson ended the call and sighed before walking back to Mark who watched him in anticipation. He sat down and smiled, "looks like I'm going to be with you for Christmas."

Mark's face suddenly broke out into a grin before he launched himself at Mark and wrapped his arms around his neck, "really? You are?"

"Yep, but I'm going to be gone five days afterwards," Jackson explained, moving a bit so Mark could comfortably sit on his lap.

"At least I won't be lonely for Christmas," Mark smiled and pressed a kiss to Jackson's lips.


Mark woke up on Christmas with Jackson's arms wrapped around his waist. Mark smiled and snuggled closer to his boyfriend. He much preferred waking up in Jackson's arms to waking up alone on Christmas. The room was still dark but there was enough light for Mark to make out the beautiful features of Jackson's face. Mark didn't want the moment to end. But of course, it did.

Jackson's phone started to ring loudly and Mark jumped in surprise, his heart beating at one million miles per hour. Jackson's eyes fluttered open and he stretched before registering that his phone was ringing and Mark looked like he'd seen a ghost.

"Sorry, baby," Jackson mumbled before kissing the top of Mark's head and grabbing his phone. Mark felt a strange sense of déjà vu and he hoped Jackson's mother was calling to say his flight had been pushed back even further.

Jackson noticed that it was only 5 am before finally answering the call, "Mum?"

This time Mark could hear what was being said so he listened closely. "Hey, honey! We just found out that the flights to China are going again and if you leave now then you could be in China before we have Christmas dinner."

Mark's heart stopped and he felt panic rising inside him. His eyes looked at Jackson's face, silently begging him to say he wouldn't go. Jackson looked down at Mark, who was leaning on his shoulder and smiled. "Sorry, mum, I can't make it. I'm spending Christmas with my boyfriend."

"Oh, he isn't going to his family's house?"

"No, they went to America," Jackson explained.

"Oh, ok then, honey. Just come tomorrow, ok?"

"Yes, mum. Merry Christmas, I love you."

"Merry Christmas, I love you too."

Jackson ended the call to see Mark smiling at him. "I'm starting to think you don't want me to see my family," Jackson raised an eyebrow.

"Mine," Mark mumbled and hugged Jackson tightly, "you're my Christmas present so you can't leave."

"Oh, so you don't want the presents I've bought for you then?" Jackson smirked and Mark looked up at him in surprise.

"You bought presents for me?"

"Uh-huh," Jackson nodded, "I was going to call you on Christmas and tell you that they were hidden in my bedside table but I'm here so it looks like I don't have to."

Mark gasped and shot up in excitement, "can I get them now?"

"Sure," Jackson said. Mark reached over Jackson and opened the top drawer to see three presents wrapped up. Two were big and one was small. Mark smiled as he took them all in his hands and sat back down next to Jackson.

"I have a confession to make first," Mark admitted, "I only got you the hoodie I gave you a few days ago because I thought you would be away..."

"That's ok," Jackson smiled, "I loved it. Now, open your presents!"

"Ok," Mark smiled like a child before opening the first present. The first one was an oversized red sweated. The second one was a teddy bear that was white and had on a t-shirt that said 'Merry Christmas, baby!' The final one was the small present. It was inside a black box and Mark opened it to see a silver band with the words 'Jackson and Mark' with a heart next to it. Mark smiled as he read it before wrapping his arms around Jackson's neck. "Thank you so much, Jackson! I love them so much."

"I'm glad," Jackson smiled and pressed a kiss to Mark's ear, the only part of his face that he had access to. Mark moved back and smiled at Jackson with eyes full of joy. "Merry Christmas, Mark."

"Merry Christmas, Jackson."

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