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Hy! I haven't updated in what seemed like forever soo sorry but I will try to make this chapter lengthy but pls don't judge if it's too short.

Aasif's pov

There was to be another meeting and I didn't want to go because of the reminder of the night that I don't want to ever repeat. I jumped on the bed that zeera was on watching something on her laptop and she looked at me shocked as I hit the bed making her jump.

"Okay what's wrong" she asked

"What do you mean what's wrong" I said

"What do you mean what's wrong" she mimicked me.

"I have been looking at you for the past 10 minutes and you look like your going through some memory lane".

"So you have been looking at me" I said tilting my head to the side.

"Don't you dare change the subject" she said.

"Ok fine" I said grabbing a pillow and sighing in it rolling over the bed.

"Wow it's that bad your making out with a pillow" she said

"I am not" I said throwing the pillow and her.

"Are too" she said throwing it back.

"Is that a challenge princess" I said

"Ooh yes it is your majesty but do I sense fear in your speech" she said closing her laptop gently and placing it on the bedside table.

"oooh your so on" he said

"But am I" she said and before I knew it she was gathering all that pillows she could find on the bed the chair everywhere and that's when I realized " man we have a lot of pillows" I was too late and had only the pillow zeera claims I was snogging with me.

"Okay on your mark, get set, LET THE WAR BEGIN" she called.

Zeera started off flinging her pillows like a catapult machine and what can I say I used that one pillow for defence.

"This is too much" I yelled

"Do you surrender sir" she said mockingly.

"Never" I replied.

And finally the moment I have been waiting for happened zeera was out of pillows to throw and I had all the pillows she had thrown at my side.

The look on her face was priceless as I took hold of as many pillows as my hands could carry and started chasing her and can I say seeing her run was the cutest thing. I launched the pillows at her and before I knew if she was buried in a pile on pillows.

I laid myself on the pile and relaxed.

"Do you surrender??" I asked

"N-n-neverrrrr" She said and I knew she was struggling to breathe and I was about to get up then I saw zeeras hand come out of the pile with a white pillow.

"Is that a sign of surrender" I said

"Yessssss" she said

I stood up of the pile and zeera burst  out of the pillow and let out a dramatic sign.

"That's not fair you didn't let me write my will and you wanted to kill me so unfair" she said as she started to walk away.

"No no no" I said pulling her back from her waist and bringing her close to my chest.

"Your not going off that easy amirty" I said

"What do you mean" she said.

"There is always a penalty for the loser" I said

"And what is your penalty your majesty" she said

"Its very simply a little very tiny kiss" I said

"Kiss who you what" she said confused

"Is that too much to ask for" I said looking down at her pink petit lips and thinking how they will feel against mine.

"Yes" she said

"But you lost princess so that's the penalty no backing out" I said with a smirk.

Before she could reply the door was opened by a maid.

"Couldn't you knock" I said

"Ana asif but the king awaits your presence" she said and my mind clicked back to the meeting it totally slipped my mind.

I let go of zeera and headed for the door.

"I'll be back later for the kiss" I said grinning I remembered closing the door to her surprised face.

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