Chapter Ten

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Lauren sat silently, she'd moved into the passenger seat to get a clearer picture of the road.

"So... Where am I taking you?" Jonathan asks.

"I don't know.... I usually have a connection with Duncan but I can't find it." Lauren mumbles.

"We're just gonna drive around until we find him?" Jonathan asks. Lauren sighs, she felt bad for making Jonathan drive around as if he was an Uber but she didn't choose for him to save her.

"You don't have to. I can always walk until I find them." Lauren shrugs. Jonathan looks at her as if he didn't believe what she'd just said.

"Not happening. I'm okay with driving you around. I like the company." Jonathan says and looks back at the road. Lauren smiled.


Sammy and Ari were holding Amber down after they forced her to show her true form. Duncan was emotional, it was sadness, anger, and grief all at once... A deadly combination.

"How are you alive?! What did you do to Wren?!" Duncan screamed, he wasn't having it.

"I found a new leader. A new team." Amber says quietly.

"Who?" Sammy asks, not releasing Amber from his grip.

"You may know her. Susie Fuego, evolved vampire." Amber grinned. "She's got a whole team. Most of them are people you know."

Sammy and Duncan shared a nervouse glance. Daisy and Ari shared a confused one.

"Who's Susie Fuego?" Ari asks, looking from Duncan to Sammy.

"We knew her back in Freshman year. She saved my life once, but later she became Miss Drake's vampire servant. We thought Wren had killed her but apparently not." Sammy explains. Daisy and Ari silently understand.

"Who else? You said we'd know them." Duncan asks.

"You'll find out sooner or later. Promise." Amber smiles wide.

"Can't we just kill her? It'd be so much easier." Ari says in all seriousness.

"You tried that once before remember? It didn't do you any good." Amber shrugs. "Sammy, you and Duncan have a supernatural connection right?"

Sammy looks at Duncan. The boys had shared a link ever since Sammy was taken by Amber. They created one without telling the girls.

"Yeah, so what?" Duncan answers and Amber grins.

"Susie and I have the same thing. She'll be here soon." Amber says cocking her head to the side. "In fact here she is now..."

Suddenly the entire van began to rock. Daisy fell over and Sammy caught her, releasing Amber. Suddenly the back of the van opened and a boy and a girl were standing there. 

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