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Clancy's POV:

Cate told me to check on them in an hour or 2 and its been 3 so I decided to go check on them but they still weren't awake so I went to go check on Lily instead in room 74. I reached the door and typed in the code, 784920, and once again the light changed from red to green and I walked in. Lily was sitting in the same position her sister had when she was here the first time before she somehow escaped. "Thought you might like to know that we have your sister once again," I said as I walked closer to the cage Agent Meadows had locked her in when she first arrived.  "If you've hurt her Clancy, I will snap your neck," Lily said with a certain fierceness in her voice which reminded me of her sister, proving that they were defiantly sisters. "Oh Lily, we've had this conversation before and I think I proved that in that fight I would defiantly be the one who wins and you will defiantly be the one who winds up on the floor, dead and will we wouldn't want that now would we," I said and the little girl shook her head slightly in reply. "I just thought I would let you know that if you get any more ideas about escaping it won't be you I hurt I'll hurt your sister and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want your sister to get hurt or worse," I said before turning around and leaving the room, only this time I let the door slam shut, ya know for dramatic effect.

Lily's POV:

This is bad, this is really, really bad. Clancy has Alex, so there's no any chance of escape because if we try he'll hurt her or worse. The only thing I don't really know is, where's she's been all this time and why she suddenly dropped of the face of the earth and why has she decided to show up now, I mean its been months so why now? Does she even know I'm alive? Does she know that my older brother, her younger brother,Oliver's alive but I don't really know where he ended up, after we both escaped the camps shortly after she dropped of the face of the earth, Oliver and I got separated after The League picked me up and I told him to run and he ran into the forest, never to be seen again, he promised me he'd come back for me but he hasn't fulfilled that promise yet and I'm starting to think he never will because if he hasn't by now then there is not really a point in having hope that will come back. As Alex used to say "Hope is for suckers," and I intend to live the rest of my life by it, however short or long it will be. Sometimes I wonder if Alex ever cared about us at all, Ollie wondered that too as he said if she did care she wouldn't have just left us without so much as a goodbye in the first place and I guess that's why I wonder if she cared as well. I guess Oliver was the one who put the idea that she doesn't care in my head in the first but she is also my bug sister and there will be a day that I'm alive that I'm going to let Y/N get hurt because of something stupid I decided to do and even though Ollie left me as well and hasn't come back the same goes for him and I intend  to keep that promise. 

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