Ilya and Elton (small catch up)

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So I am adding Ilya and Elton.


I will not be adding how you meet and that stuff.

You imagine how you meet and that stuff and the rest, and I will add the rest. So, try and injoy the little Ilya and Elton update and thank you very much for reading this!

P.s. still accepting request you guys. And Merry Hanukkah.
Birthday and where you were born:


Birthday: 11/9/1995



Birthday: 7/27/1990

Born: Hawaii

Who are you related to in the vlog:

Ilya: Nobody

Elton: Nobody but....................

You are related to Markiplier

Who's your best friend in the squad:

Ilya: Dom

Elton: Josh



Talent: Being Persuasive (In a good and bad way)

Job: Helping Dom with his drug issues (yes he actually pays you)


Talent: Messing with the human mind (like some stuff you would see on Brain Games and other stuff)

Job: YouTube Star (Just like your older brother! Only a million subscribers behind him!)

Names in CellPhone: (only doing his and yours for now. Might update this in the future.)


Your name in his phone: Mrs. Right 😍😜

His name in your phone: The Plumer 😉😘


Your name in his phone: My Teaser 🤯❤

His name in your phone: Prankster Babe 😎🤩💖

Who kissed who first:

Ilya: Him

Elton: Him

Who do you live with:

Ilya: Jason and Todd

Elton: Zane, Heath, and Scotty

About him:


♡ He loves you by personality, not by looks

♡ He does not go to work a lot because he wants to see you. But it is okay because he owns the place.

♡ He wants to prove to people that he found someone who is not fake.

♡ He loves to kiss you before he leaves for work if he is with you.

♡ He will beat up any guy who keeps bugging you. (He has already done that twice.)


♡ He loves to suprise you a lot

♡ He let's you help him out with his pranks

♡ He wants to meet your family really bad. Just because he wants to show he did not date you for the subscribers.

♡ He loves your laugh and wishes you will never change it.

♡ He loves to brag that his girlfriend about anything.

Where he kisses you:

Ilya: Neck

Elton: Cheek

Your fear:

Ilya: Spider

Elton: Mannequins

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