The sudden knock on the door snapped me out of my thoughts.

Clary and Jace entered again, but this time, with a warlock. Dot.

"After Elliot opened his own shop we lost touch. But when I was little, Elliot was one of my mom's best friends." Clary said.

"He introduced me to Jocelyn." Dot added.

"And now you're concerned he's in trouble." I said.

"The mark on Dot's arm is part of a protection spell." Jace said.

The mark was a small black circle, with lines intersecting.

"It's a sigil." Dot said. "It only transfers to another warlock if something terrible has happened."

Jace sighed. "Whatever he's guarding must be pretty important."

"It's the Mortal Mirror." Dot answered the question on everyone's mind.

"Jocelyn had it?" I asked, shocked.

"I know it's crazy." Clary said. "The mirror and the cup. I guess my mom knew Elliot would do anything to keep it safe. As a warlock, he could protect it better than anyone, right? So she entrusted him with it' s location."

"And Elliot entrusted it to me." Dot finished.

"So you know the current location of the Mortal Mirror?" Alec asked.

Dot squinted her eyes. "Sort of. These lines coordinate to specific Ley lines in the city. I can figure it out, but it'll take some time."

"We have maps of all the Ley lines." Alec told her. "We can help you.

"And we can protect you from Jonathan and Valentine." Jace added. "With those marks on your wrist, it's only a matter of time before they come after you."

"Jace and I will go to Elliot's shop." Clary announced. "See what happened." She turned to Dot. "You'll be safe here."

• • •

"Any luck?" Alec's voice jolted me awake as I rubbed at my eyes.

Alec had a small smirk on his face as I shifted. Childishly, I stuck my tongue out at him. "Must've fallen asleep," I yawned.

Dot shrugged. "Well, I did say it was going to take awhile. Anyway," she breathed out. "I'm getting closer to narrowing down the location."

Alec turned to her. "You understand that once you retrieve the mirror, it becomes property of the Clave?"

"You think I want anything to do with this?" Dot scoffed. "The only thing I care about is stopping Valentine."

I raised an eyebrow at Alec as he corrected himself. "No, I didn't mean to–"

"I'm sorry, but I've lost whatever faith in the Clave I had left." She said. "So when I retrieve the mirror, it becomes property of Clary Fairchild. She's the only one that I trust. She can do what she wants with it."

"Fair enough." Alec said. "We've had too many security breaches recently." He continued. "So I'm limiting your escort to Jace and Clary. You'll be safer that way."

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