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"You stalking me again, Ms.stranger?"

Few minutes earlier*

Gigi's POV

"I'm so full" said Bella

"Who wouldn't be, after eating a whole pizza." I replied

"Lucky you, that you don't easily get fat" kendall said

"So what now? Do you guys have other plans after this?" I asked while waiting for our bill.

"I don't have any, I'm totally free. Wanna hangout at my place? Netflix and chill?" kendall suggested

"Yes please! before we had an epic and hectic schedule for the upcoming days, lets chill" said Bella.

"well, I guess we're all set" I said while packing my stuffs and stood up, after our bill was settled. "what are you waiting for? let's go! I just wanna lay down right now. We deserve a break" I started walking out as they followed me.

sigh* of course they wouldn't let us be at peace. paparazzi again, as always.

as we walked out paparazzi's bombered us with some dumb and nonsense question and blocked our way through our vehicles.

we're trying our best to walk as fast as we can but suddenly someone grabbed me and pulled me up.

"what the?!" I shouted and while I'm struggling to be down, but he wont just let go of me. So I elbowed him at the face until I hit him hard that he eventually lost his grip around me. After he let go, he automatically run away over the other side of the street.

I was about to chase after him and beat the hell out of him, when I heard him yelled in pain. 

"OUCH! WHAT THE FUCK?! AAAW IT BURNS!" He shouts in pain when someone, a lady to be exact, threw her drink to that asshole who assaulted me, which landed onto his face.

nice shot there, girl.

the man immediately tried to approach the lady "FUCK OFF YOU BITCH!" he yells as he's about to throw a punch, "YOU PIECE OF SHI-" but luckily the lady was fast enough to dodge it and kicked him hard in return, which made him fell on the ground.

I guess this girl has knowledge about fighting since she was fast and strong.

as the man struggle to get up, he still manage to throw another punch but since the girl was fast she grabbed his arm and twist it around. "AAAAW YOU MOTHER FUCKER! LET GO OF ME! OUCH LET GO!" he shouts as he cried in pain.  after a few moments the girl just let go and pushed him away, and started walking away like nothing happened.

I didn't notice that I was just watching them the whole time instead of helping her beating the shit out of that bastard. So I began to catch up the girl to thank her but she's walking so fast. I tried calling her "HEY!" I shouted but she didn't look back. So I ran towards her until I grabbed her arm and said

"Hey, I-I didn't t-thank you yet." I said as I catched my breath.  "You know what, you walk so fast that's why I needed to ran to catch up with you, which is why I'm so exhausted" I explained to her "Wait just let me breath first" I added while I hold her arm tightly for  support  which made her laugh.

I was still catching my breath since I literally run so fast to catch up with her. I guess that I need to exercise more after this. 

"Do you wan-" I saw her bringing out her water bottle which I instantly grabbed and drank,  before she even offered it to me.

"Okay, I guess you're really exhausted " she said while shaking her head while smiling at me.

"Well yes I am" I said as I finished drinking all of her  water. "You didn't even bother to look back when I was calling you out, so I needed to ran all the way here, just to thank you. Thank you for beating that asshole, and thank you for your water as well. " I said as I returned her empty water bottled while smiling shyly on my impulsive action.

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