Life as a "Queer" Part 1

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This is dedicated to my very first fan Flyingpig! Thank you for being my fan! <3


Shannon lives with his best friend Benji, at his parents house; its not theirs any more because they died when he was born, in a car crash. Their death left him with a bunch of money in a private account at the TD bank. The only family he knows is his aunty Audrina her daughters Arica and Alora, and then there was his aunty Marlene with her two kids Ember and Jay Lynn.

He walked out of the movie house on a cloudy fall, Saturday afternoon. With his best friend from his child hood day's. It was the last day to watch 'Zombieland' . They where both way into Zombie movie's. You wouldn't have thought that Portage la Prairie of all place's was big enough to have a movie theater, but it has a population of 13000 people, living there. So they have some things to do, like if you go down town you can find a few clothing shops, restaurants, and for some reason there are a lot of banks, there are about five - more or less - elementary schools and one big high school that has two buildings, its built like a college campus, it has a big plaza in the center of both schools.

"Hey, Ben, lets go grab a slice of pizza at 'Bill's Sticky fingers'." Shannon suggested and grabbed his wrist to take him in the direction of "Bill's".

"OK but just let go of my arm, or at least loosen your grip." Benji whined. Shannon loosens his grip and he started to walk faster.

"Come on Benji walk faster!" Shannon nagged.

"I'm trying, why don't you walk a little slower" Ben said while lighting up a cigarette.

Benji wasn't to fit but he wasn't fat either - just because he was a smoker he made excuses not to work out every week, even though Shannon was a smoker too it still didn't occur to Benji, or he really didn't care, - just a unhealthy smoker, but not Shannon.

Benji was pretty tall and wore tight clothing, hoodies that were mostly black or gray, and dark eye-liner. Shannon was tiny and dressed the same as Benji. They almost looked like brother's except Shannon has big dark blue eye's and full lips, with black semi short hair with red and blonde highlights and a fringe swept to the side, and Benji had green hazel eye's lips like 'James Dean', dirty blonde hair cut with short choppy layers that's two inches from his shoulder's. Plus they were the same age now; eighteen.

"Hurry Babes, lets go." Shannon's been calling Benji Babes ever since they were kids.

"Calm down Shannon, we'll get there when we get there. You don't need to get excited every time we go and eat there, Jees." Benji muttered, and tried to keep up with Shannon.

"You wouldn't fall behind if you'd stop texting to your mum, and I'm just getting cold is all." Shannon complained, Benji stopped to glare at him. Benji just turned off his phone.

"Fine its off. Now take my hand and let's run, we'll get there sooner." Benji said just to shut up Shannon. When Benji said that Shannon's face lit up.

"OK! Thanks Babes!" Shannon said and they started running. The run took them about five minutes to arrive.

"Hold on Shannon, I need to smoke before I go inside, will wait with me?" Benji asked him.

"Share?" Shannon asked trying to catch his breath. Benji just nodded his head while lighting up the cigarette. He smoked half and gave the rest to Shannon.

"OK, lets go it's getting cold." Shannon said and grabbed Benji's hand. He walked right passed a flier for a upcoming show for one of their favorite local bands, just to get a slice of deluxe pizza.

"Like holy man was I ever hungry!" Shannon said after devouring four huge slice's of pizza, when Benji could only eat one slice.

"What's with you today? Did you get high with out me? What?" Benji was concerned. Shannon just looked at him like he was weird.

"No, I just feel really happy when I hang out with you. Is that a problem?" Shannon murmured.

"Well no but -" Shannon cut him off.

"But nothing, don't you remember your own birthday?" He asked and looked at him weird.

"Oh right, I forgot it was this weekend; so what are you going to do for me later on?" He was hinting at something that they did since they were fourteen, something they've done ever since then, and they only did it for each other on their birthday's and on valentines day; that's was only if they didn't have a girl friend's - or play things we like to call them, because we don't really like having one - to be with on valentines day. The relationship these boy's have is very special, it's special because it's different from everybody else; they can go with other girls but not other boys, and when they do date a girl, they can't sleep with the girl, just kissing , hand holding, and nothing else...

"Yes I do! What good is a promise if it's broken?" Shannon wasn't really asking.

"It's meaningless."

Shannon smiled and took Benji's hand again and said, "OK, where do you want to go now?"

"Lets go chill at your aunty Marlene's." was Benji's answer.

"That's ten blocks away you realize."

"Yes and I really want to see Ember and Jay Lynn, so lets go." It was Benji pulling Shannon where he wanted now.

"Text Ember and tell her we're coming over then." Shannon said.

"'Kay." Benji turned on his phone and sent the message. It took about fifteen minutes to get there from that pizza place, but that was only because they stopped by Tim Horton's to get everybody a coffee and some doughnuts...

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