Hi guys! So, my last chapter was an ultimate fail seriously. That chapter before got loads of views and votes and comments! The story ISN'T finished yet there are still A LOT more chapters to go! Ivory is still alive. 


They MAY hook up (Ivory and Tom) but you'll have to wait and see. Yes, it is a possibility. 

I understand if my story is boring you and yes that is completely fine if you want to stop reading it! It's not the best  of stories and it's only my first time actually writing a proper one like this! I'm not the best writer in the world either!

If the views and votes continue to go down and down and down and down then I may have to consider stop writing all together for this story! There's no point in continuing to write it if no one's going to read it 'ay? ;)

I am NOT begging for views and votes by the way!

All the best,


P.S If you want me to continue writing PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!! :)

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