Met new guy errr... Sim

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Lyndsey's POV

The next sim day I woke up I get some breakfast and then i took a shower and then woodworking and i'm feeling lonely so a called some of my new friends!

Of course not all of them come over lizette didn't come i think it's because she's doing something.

I invited them over and them when i'm about to close the door a sim ran into a shady spot and then asked me if I want him to come over. (I'm curious about that sim)

I talked to him and asked his name and he said his name is Vladislaus Straud Kinda scary though.

Travis asked me if she's hungry i said yes cause i just ate half of my breakfast.

He has a soup of delicious food! (I dunno what it is cause he never mentioned to say what it is)

We ate it and I loved it! I noticed Vladislaus looking to my neck while we are eating

Lyndsey: Are you okay Vladis?

Vladis: I'm fine

Lyndsey: Then why are looking to my neck like that?

Vladis:Oh right it's time for me to leave! bye!

Other sims and I are confused to his reaction oh well i questioned them

Lyndsey: Have you guys know that guy?

Liberty: No we don't know him...

Summer: I heard he's a vampire some sims were bitten by him but i'm still troubled at believing them.

Travis: I also heard that vampires don't get old and never die from old ages.

Lyndsey: I wonder if he's a vampire.

Summer: Maybe he is cause some vampires look at their victims neck!

Lyndsey: He looked at my neck while i'm eating thought and he go the shade when I saw him outside.

Travis: I KNEW IT!

Summer,Lyndsey and liberty: What is it?

Travis: He's a vampire!

Liberty: You should research about vampires in your computer or your tablet while I try to learn more about him

Travis:I will help lyndsey!


Summer: I'm going to help you liberty!

Lyndsey: Hands in the middle guys!

All: 1 2 3 WE CAN DO THIS!

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