Event - Anniversary

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So 'Tis my 1 year anniversary :3

And because of that, I'm writing this bullshit :D

This c r i n g y bullshit might I add-–

We start in a white room, its walls, floor and ceiling completely white, nothing to see but bright, radiant white.

That was until a portal opened and around fourteen skeletons came flying through, screaming their heads off as they smashed into the floor. Along with them, two other figures came down, landing with a yelp on the floor.

The mass of bodies groaned loudly, attempting to untangle their limbs from each other as they slid off of each other and onto the cold white floor.

The first to break away from the group, was a two skeleton couple. One was significantly caller than the other, having black slime covering their whole body. Only one of their blue eyes were visible, piercing and harsh. Growing from their back, four thick, black tentacles grew, twitching in annoyance as they untangled themselves from their partner. The smaller of the two squeaked softly, rolling out from under their partner before sitting up. They wore everything completely black and white, a black polo shirt with a white, furry hooded jacket on top. Black shorts with white X's to top it off.

The taller of the two, Nightmare, groaned, shaking his head rapidly as he glanced around the white room. "...What the-–"

The smaller, Cross, managed to get to his knees before scrambling over to his lover, leaning against his side as he blinked rapidly. "Nighty? Where are we?"

"Hell if I know. This place looks like some fucked up asylum cell to me." He hissed, pulling Cross closer to him as the pile of bodies beside them shifted.

The two backed up, watching as the next skeleton couple managed to untangle themselves from the giant group and fall onto the cold white floor.

It was another two skeletons, one having glitching black bones, the other white. The slightly taller of the two groaned, rolling away from his partner to splay out on the floor. The smaller yelped, pulling at the gradiented brown scarf around his neck until it stopped choking him. They sat up, looking down to check none of their paint holders had spilled before sighing softly and glancing around.

"Where are we?"

His partner, Error, sat up, blinking rapidly. "Uh, I wish I knew, Inky. But I currently have no clue."

Ink huffed, straightening out his clothes as he got to his feet. "God, I white rooms."

"I know." Error muttered, hugging him from behind. "But we need to figure out where we are, and why we're here before we worry about the colour of his prison-like room."

"Actually-" Nightmare cut in, a tentacle reaching into the group of still stacked bodies. "-We need to free everyone from each other first."

The other three blinked, watching as Nightmare used his four tentacles to pull out four people, two at a time.

The first two, happened to be Nightmare's brother and his boyfriend, the two of them yelling out as they were dropped in a heap onto the floor. The smaller of the two groaned, rightening the golden circlet on his head before straightening out his yellow cape. His golden pupils glanced around hazily before landing on his partner, who was currently being crushed beneath him.

"K-Killer!" The smaller jumped off of him immediately, apologising profusely as he helped his partner sit up.

Killer groaned softly, his black tear streaked eyes closed for a moment before they snapped open. His dull grey pinpricks looked down at Dream and a smirk formed on his face. "Oh, heya Dreamy- and move-–"

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