Chapter 37: Not In Your Arms

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"Noona slow down!" Jeongin huffed. I can feel someone's presence. It feels warm and welcoming. I just know it has to be Hyunjin's. I can't smell him yet though.

I kept running with Jeongin behind. Due to adrenaline rush, I was faster and I felt as if I wasn't weak at all. I felt happy and I felt amazing. I just hope that I won't be disappointed once I see Hyunjin.

I mean, what happened to my ghoul and I? Was I in pain because I was accepting her? This doesn't make sense at all but I like it.

"I don't think we're going the right way!"

We are running through an unknown street. He was leading me to Woojin's house but I sensed someone and the tables have turned– I am now leading Jeongin to nowhere.

"There's no right way!" I answered. I am breathless and yet I have way too much energy.

Finally, I can smell him. He's here.

But he smells different. I know it's Hyunjin's scent but something's wrong. He smells even better as if he was enhanced? But I'm no longer craving for him. I like his smell but I can't feel the urge of wanting to devour him.

I just want to wrap my arms around him, feel his warmth– and know that he's okay.

"Noona someone else is here!"  Jeongin probably can smell him too.

"It's Hyunjin!"

"He's a ghoul?!"


I stopped running. I can hear fast footsteps: running ones. It's Hyunjin, I'm certain but why did Jeongin's sudden statement make some sense? Did he actually...


My eyes desperately tried to search where the voice came from and there he is, running full speed towards me...white hair? Blood?

I unconsciously touched my own hair upon seeing him. No, no. This is not possible. Yeah it suits him and all but no. This can't be.

Instead of running towards him as well, I was frozen– afraid. We both have white hairs and it actually sounds funny but damn he looks so good. My boyfriend is so handsome but...why doesn't he feel like Hyunjin at all?

"I knew I'd find you!" He chimed as he engulfs me in a bear hug. "I missed you so have no idea." He buried his face into the side of my neck. Didn't he notice my hair?

"Y-Your hair?" I stammered.

"Probably the same as what happened to yours."

He pulled away from the hug, gripping on both my shoulders still and stared at my eyes. His gaze seems different. He doesn't feel like my Hyunjin but then suddenly, tears escaped his eyes although he is smiling.

"W-What's wrong?" I want to wipe them but the tears didn't seem to bother him at all. I'm so scared... This must be something big.

"I'll explain everything to you but first, who is he?" He glanced at Jeongin with deadly eyes and let go of my shoulders at last. I turned around to face him and he looked flustered.

"I-I... Please don't forget to visit me noona!"

Then he jumped high, disappearing from sight. He just made me feel even more confused. I thought I'd be happy seeing Hyunjin but no...

I can smell the blood on his body and they aren't his but they have a familiar scent– our scent. The one-eyed ones.

I face Hyunjin again and I almost screamed when his eyes turned red like a ghouls'. What's worse is that both of his eyes are red. He mentioned his father being a ghoul but he didn't say anything about his mother.

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