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Alex woke up, in the dark, fear coursing through every vein in her body. The last thing she remembered was seeing Rob Meadows outside of the gas station, what had happened since then? Where was she? These were questions Alex wasn't sure she would ever get an answer to, at least not anytime soon. After her eyes adjusted to the dark, she looked around and that's when she saw them, Liam, Zu and Chubs, were all in separate cages  "Liam, Liam wake up, come on," Alex said. Then Liam started to move. "Alex, are you okay, what happened, where are we?" he frantically asked, then he let out a small groan, clearly from pain as he was moving so much. "I don't know and I'm fine but you're clearly not," she said as she noticed Chubs moving and then Zu. "Zu are you okay," she asked and the small quiet girl gave a small nod in reply but her fear was clear in her eyes. "What about you Chubs, are you okay," Liam asked as he gave up on moving. "Yeah, I'm good but you don't look it," he said, picking up on the same thing Alex had. "I'm fine, honestly," he said, trying his best to put on a brave face in front of Zu but Alex knew she could tell he was pain. "Mate, you're face is all beaten and bruised and you're clutching onto your side like it might fall off," Chubs said and he wasn't wrong, it did look like he was holding onto his side for dear life. "Chubs, you're the one with the black eye," he said, you guessed he couldn't feel the pain you thought he would from his face. "Li, you're the one with cuts and bruises all over your face," Chubs said, he had a point. "Stop arguing about whether or not Liam in okay, we have bigger problems to deal with right now," Alex said, having enough of their silly squabble. "Thank you," Liam said and she shot him a look which made him shut up. "And for the record Li, you are not okay. Chubs any idea, how we get out of here?"She asked as the dark skinned boy examined the bars. "How did you do it last?" he asked. "Well, that cage over there, I somehow burnt that hole in it and climbed out that now bricked up window," she said realising the tiny details she hadn't before. "Well, that plans not gonna work now," Liam chimed in. "No shit Sherlock," Chubs said. "So how do we get out of here then, if Alex's plan last time, won't work now?" Liam asked. "It wasn't really a plan, it just kinda happened," she said. "Um, I'm working on it," Chubs said as his eyes glowed green. "What if, Alex burns a hole in the bars like she did before and then Liam uses his telekinesis to remove the bricks from the once window," he suggested, not a half bad plan. "Not a bad plan but a slight problem, I can't move bricks that have been cemented together, I mean I'm powerful but not that powerful," Liam said. Not to mention you've been weakened by your clear injuries. Alex thought to yourself. "Maybe I can help," said a voice from the corner but it was strange she recognised it, maybe she had just heard it last time she were here. "Whose there," Alex asked, standing up and making her eyes turn purple. "Relax, it's just me, Evie, from the mall," the voice said. What the hell is she doing here? She thought. "What are you doing?" Liam asked with those familiar soft eyes, the same ones she recognised from when he first found her in the woods. "Um, I'm not really sure, I just kinda woke up here," Evie explained. Of course she did and I'm half pig. Alex thought to yourself. This all seem a little too coincidental to her. "So, if you can move cemented down bricks, does that mean our plan will work?" Chubs asked. "Only if Alex can burn the holes in the bars," Evie said. What does she take me for and amateur. Alex thought. "I can do it," she said, not entirely sure of she actually could. Then she heard a noise, it kind of sounded like a switched being flipped or a button being pressed. "What was that?" Evie asked, so she wasn't the only one that heard it. "You think I know," Alex hissed in reply. Then the room started to fill with some sort of fog, then once again everything went black, this seemed to be becoming a recurring situation. 

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