2 || the twelve months

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The Twelve Months

Come January, it's a new beginning—

Our sign that there is a new year for improving.

Love—what February wants us to give;

Every person wants it to receive.

Get the cool drinks ready, because it's March;

Its heat might get your lips parched.

Or better be ready for April one!

Some meanies might fool you for fun.

And May comes, the month of flowers,

Noting their outstanding beauty in the universe.

June, when you hear the wedding bells ringing,

Of love many couples will surely be thinking.

Some of July's days are calm and smooth;

Every day is a way to enjoy our youth.

Do ready your umbrellas for August's rains;

Escape from cough, colds, and body pains.

Afterwards, September starts the Christmas season;

Let the time for giving bring itself on.

And in October, the month of the Holy Rosary,

May we all glorify our Mother Mary.

It is a must to remember our loved ones in heaven;

November helps us to be with them again.

Our year ends with the thirty-first of December,

Saying that we have a lot of things to remember.


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