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today's date is the 22nd of December.

yesterday, i ate my usual diet. i don't eat as much as the rest of my family. i eat very little compared to them, that's the explanation to why i look skinny compared to them.

my usual diet for yesterday, i drank water. the amount of water i drank was almost a full glass, (i don't get dehydrated much), i'm not limiting myself or anything. i also ate the rest of my crisps, which was about a quarter of the can of pringles, (may i mention, pringles ready salted are the only crisps i like for some reason?).

i also ate cocoa pops in the morning. then later on, still with drinking the same water i got after my breakfast, i ate some bread with a chiecken and sweetcorn pot noodle. (don't judge you should try it!)

i changed my playlist, i hadn't listened to them fully, so i figured it was okay.
- changing your playlist can fuck you up. it can confuse your brain entirely!

as said before, go to my youtube to get the playlist, (daniel thewlis):
- pink booster / get results each second /
channel: pink affirmations.
- flat stomach forced - j subliminal
channel: j subliminals
- extreme weight loss subliminal + booster // aina subliminals
channel: aina subliminals
- instant weight loss subliminal
channel: kim hee
- lose weight in one listen
channel: alice's enchanted cottage
- get a flat stomach & small waist fast // subliminal
channel: aureol affirmations
- get results overnight - booster
channel: miss subliminals
- extremely powerful forced subliminal booster -> get instant results
channel: rain subliminals
- / loose 900 pounds subliminal/
channel: bombon subliminals
- flat stomach / [forced subliminal]
channel: m. // sushibcu
- beauty combo #6 || paid request
channel: miss subliminals

i'm also listening to subliminals that will get me a bigger arse overnight, however these are not in my playlist on youtube. i've screen recorded them and put them all together, making an hour video to listen to them overnight.

the overnight booster - as listed before, i feel as if this works! due to me only doing overnight so far.

anyways, the progress i'm tracking right at this moment, of being 07:49am. i do feel skinnier!

i haven't yet looked in the mirror, i probably won't until later on. my brain my loose doubt and faith if i look straight away.

however, my stomach feels like it's being sucked in already, i feel skinny. i really do!
my waist to my left hurts, my right one probably doesn't because i lay on that side.
my back also hurts from time to time, as well as my neck.

my arse hasn't yet to feel any change though, neither my thighs. if the arse ones don't seem to change anything, i'll probably start doing squats, - they're the only workout i enjoy.

i'm also currently listening to at this moment, (as listed before) the beauty combo.

it's supposed to clear your acne, as well as make your skin soft and have a natural glow, your eyebrows are supposed to be more arch like. there's more but it's impossible to list them all.

there's a person in the comments that it seemed to work for. they mentioned they listed for 1-2 hours a day, but not overnight.

i'm currently on my role of doing that, i already feel tickling sensations on my eyebrows, and i already feel where my acne is starting to do something. i'm unable to describe it.

my skin also feels like it's being stretched from time to time too!

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