Chapter 05: Hella Glamorous Enhancements

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Kim found the Metropolitan Magazine building in Beverly Hills and went inside. She was wearing the nicest dress she had found in the closet, which frankly wasn’t all that nice, but she hoped it would be enough to please Other Kim. She was excited to see a familiar face. It would probably be a little weird sitting around watching her doppelgänger do a photo shoot, but it was better than getting suicidal in that barren hovel of an apartment.

Inside, Other Kim smiled and gave Kim a hand hug and introduced her to the photographer, Garrett St. Clair. Garrett was younger than Kim was expecting, but she liked his perfect John Stamos hair and extremely pegged jeans. He gave Kim a huge smile and complimented her dress and she couldn’t help but feel flattered. 

“What’s your name?” Garrett asked.

“Kim,” Kim said, waiting for him to notice the similarity, but if he did it didn’t even register on his face.

“Great!” Garrett said. “Step in front of the backdrop and I’ll take some test shots.”

Kim looked at Other Kim like: What is going on here.

“Surprise!” Other Kim said. “I love your style and thought it would be fun for you to do the photo shoot.”

OK? Cool? Kim vaguely wondered who the photo shoot was for, and what she was supposed to be modeling, if she was just wearing a dress from her own closet, and was she even getting paid for this? but there wasn’t time to ask questions, Garrett was already clicking away. So Kim just did what Kim did best: be amazing in front of the camera. She posed and served fierce beauty and just did her thing. 

She got a little tired part way through and had to rest for a few minutes, which was weird. Kim was extremely good at modeling, she’d been doing it forever. Why was she suddenly getting tired so frequently? But Garrett and Other Kim didn’t seem to mind, and then Kim felt better and kept going, and then suddenly the photo shoot was just over, right as Kim was in the middle of checking her makeup. 

“Great job, you’re a natural!” Garrett said, as some money and lightning bolts bounced away behind him. Kim ran to grab them without even the slightest bit of self-consciousness. She loved how the lightning made her feel and wanted more. But this time she also noticed a giant piece of metal, sculpted into the shape of a star. She reached for it without even thinking--she didn’t know what it was but she had to have it. When her fingers touched it, waves of pure energy rolled through her body in waves. She felt something dark and powerful surging through her, from the tips of her fingers, up into her chest, and out through every hair on her head. 

“Whoa,” Kim said. She steadied herself for a moment against the wardrobe rack. “What was that?” she asked, breathing heavily.

Garrett looked her up and down. “You leveled up!” he said.

“I did what, now?” Kim asked.

“Leveled up? You do stuff, and then you level up, and every time you go up a level your life gets better. You have access to more things--better clothes, shoes, accessories, and more powerful spells, glamours and enchantments.” 

Umm. Kim looked at him. Had Garrett really just said what it sounded like he said? 

She noticed a look quickly pass from Other Kim to Garrett. Garrett suddenly busied himself inspecting his camera lens. 

“Yes!” Other Kim said, eagerly jumping into the conversation. “Hella glamorous enhancements. Like really cool bracelets, leggings, really fantastic bags and earrings, sunglasses, that kind of thing!”

Kim looked back at Garrett. Had he said ‘spells, glamours, and enchantments’ or ‘hella glamorous enhancements’? No one on the planet said hella anymore, right? 

“So you’ve never done this before?” Garrett asked. “You’re good! You should keep modeling! This should be your career!” he said excitedly, in what felt like the most obvious attempt to change the subject ever in the history of human conversation. What was he even talking about? Of course she had modeled before, she was Kim Kardashian. Why did no one seem to understand this?

“We’re having a party at The Brew Palms later,” Garrett continued. “You should come! Kim will be there!”

Kim turned to Other Kim, who was still just kind of staring at Garrett. Kind of weird Other Kim hadn’t invited her to the party herself, right? But Other Kim smiled and said “Yes, come to The Brew Palms tonight. We should set you up with a manager. My friend Simon Orsik will be there, he’ll want to meet you.”

OK. This was all happening very fast and Kim had about a million questions. Not just about the spells and glamours thing, but this whole leveling up situation. It hurt Kim’s brain to even think about but it felt like there was something there she should dig into a little deeper--like why on Earth would she, of all people, need to level up? 

But Garrett and Other Kim were standing there, staring at her, so she took that as her cue that this scene was over. Kim thanked them both and promised to meet them at The Brew Palms later. She walked out, knowing 100% that they were going to talk about her the second she was out of sight.

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