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Mauve; a pale purple color

I am known as Luvette (pronounced as Lu-vey) and Velvet, I'm not much of an optimistic person but I do my best to smile. I'm an ambivert that loves bread sticks with Lasagña, aside from writing and reading books I waste most of my time on watching anime.

Even though I love cute, simple and dainty looking things I actually despise princess like or too girly stuff, don't get offended though since I know we have different opinions on different matters.

I am Asian, a fact I'm proud of. I'm a straight girl that loves William Shakespear, Edgar Allan Poe, Osamu Dazai, and Antoine de Saint-Éxupery's works. One of my favorite works of Antoine is The Little Prince, a masterpiece I can't help but marvel in.

I was a sickly child so I mostly stay at home, this lead to my social awkwardness that I have (hope to) overcome. A fun fact about me is that I wanted to become a carpenter when I was younger. I always had a toy hammer in hand that I surprisingly used to break my other toys. I also dreamt of becoming a guitarist— which lead to the destruction of our television because of my endless banging. Anyway, now that I'm older I don't really have an eye set on anything. I aspire to be a better writer and journalist, and I've already won many awards in this field but I have yet to learn.

Remember when I said I was sickly? Well, I also have my eyes set on becoming a doctor, or even a surgeon if ever I would be given the chance. I am inspired by the doctors that would help me to recover from my illnesses, but I also have another dream I have yet to reach.

Looking at the sparkling stars in the sky made me want to reach for them, but I can only fathom such difficult dream of mine. "I want to be an astronomer!" I told myself, until reality came crashing down at me. "If thee were born at land then thee shall continue to live on land." The elders would say to me, this would grow into the helpless and anxious feeling I suffer from to this day.

I may aspire to become a writer, a journalist, a doctor, or a scientist/astronomer but there's still something I could never trade away for any of these and that would be my lazy attitude. (And my addiction with anime)

Yes, you heard me right fellow otakus—

Nah, I was just joking. I'm not really the sentimental type so I try to pry away from such subjects from time to time. I may yearn for such dreams but I could never trade my happiness for any of these, I know that I should cherish the time I have while I'm still young, I don't want to worry about things while I still have time.

Anyways, Luvette here, your everyday bored otaku, dating sim lover, writer, and lazy girl. Nice to meet you, what should I call you? Tell me in the comments!

Well, for now, I'll call you my Lavs! Lavenders, get it?

Nah? Nevermind then...

Thank you for reading through the life of this random human being.

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