Chapter 36: I Am NEW

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Hyunjin started to move and it thrilled the culprit even more. He wants to play with the newly awakened ghoul immediately but he doesn't intend to kill him, yet.

The younger groans as he pushes himself up with his eyes still closed. Chan's red eye started to twitch as he smiles widely but then his smile dropped as Hyunjin's hair started to turn white and his nails turned black.

Who knows what's happening with the human Hyunjin right now?

Chan knows what the white hair is about so he got confused. Why is he in distress? What took him so long to wake up? Did he trigger something else? Did he make a mistake?

A smirk appeared on Hyunjin's face then both his eyes shot open– catching Chan off guard when he saw both eyes red. He expected him to be one-eyed. He smelled close to a half ghoul's aroma but he knew there was something else. He didn't smell exactly like a half ghoul. But what is it?

The wound on Hyunjin's chest is starting to heal and he also started to walk towards the flustered, older ghoul. He got rid of the bandage on his neck and his wrist– no wound is present anymore.

"You're not Hyunjin, aren't you?"


Hyunjin stopped walking and bent down a bit as his shining child started to grow out of his back. Shining scales. The four stretched towards Chan who didn't have time to react or dodge. All four pierced through him: two on his back and the other two on his chest. He can't die instantly. This is just torture.

The younger immediately retreated his scales as Chan screamed in pain, wanting to do it again to torture the older even more but finally, he was able to react. He blew knives from his feather but Hyunjin was hugged by his shining child which again, resulted to a dumbfounded Bang Chan. It's impossible. The ghoul can't be covered by the shining child. It could only block or help the ghoul dodge the attack but this– this was triggered by something else.

The shining child actually became his skin, like it actually turned into his scales and that can't happen to just any ghoul.

"I thought you were new?" Chan slowly asked, his mouth left agape. Wounds take longer to heal when they're caused by another ghoul's shining child so he's pretty much in a lot of pain right now.

Hyunjin's shining child left his body and spread, revealing the smirking ghoul once again. "There are lots you don't know about me."

"H-How are you a red one? T-This is i-impossible!" It's not normal for a ghoul like him to be scared. A red one's not something you can mess with.

The red one is a ghoul who was affiliated with cannibalism for a huge number of times. Chan thought it was impossible for a newly born ghoul but he doesn't know Hyunjin's full story.

Of course he was fed by his father every time he was summoned.

Hyunjin struck his scales through Chan who screamed once again but this time, he fell to his knees. He tried to escape the scales but it only caused him more pain to attempt to do so. He is being tortured with no mercy. Of course a torture shows no mercy.

"I thought we were supposed to have fun? What are you doing now? You are no fun."

Chan spat blood and gritted his teeth as Hyunjin started to lift him up by his scales. He is absolutely enjoying this. The human inside of him is aware of what's happening and he didn't know if he should be happy that he's winning or furious that he's hurting someone but again– Bang Chan is the reason why his ghoul appeared and why he got himself stuck inside.

"Never look down on me again."

The human Hyunjin cringed. He can't imagine himself doing what his ghoul is doing right now. He couldn't even win against Minho.

With that, his scales tossed Chan to the ground. Luckily, they were in an area with a barely an amount of civilians though the blood pools on the ground are very distinct.

He intentionally let Chan off since he wasn't in the mood to kill. All he's thinking about now is finding Jinwoo. He can feel what the human him feels. He is merely a part of him after all. They share one body, one heart.

Then he left, leaving the scene like that. He knew that more people are going to find out about ghouls but he didn't care. He wants exactly that to happen. He loves drama and tragedy.

The older ghoul wanted to get up but he was too weak. Too weak compared to Hyunjin and he didn't know why. He knew he's going to heal but it is taking too long and the pain is exceptional.

Hyunjin didn't know where to find Jinwoo but he just hoped that he'll suddenly see her along the way. He no longer used his scales since he didn't want to scare his girl incase they see each other.

He is indeed, a fierce ghoul but he couldn't help but become soft for Jinwoo.

The human him could feel it and he sighed in relief but still, he's fighting.

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