Chapter 8

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Passion and I stood in the doorway of our home with nothing but thick tension between us. It's been weeks since I moved Karma and Briana in. Briana's been staying with Karma's Mom during this moving process, so it's only been Karma here and she's been staying out of Passion's way for the most part. I mean, they still have their occasional arguments and I'm always having to break up potential fist fights, but it's nothing out of the ordinary for the two of them.

I just need Passion to be on board with what me and Karma got planned, because if she can cooperate with us, we can all be a power couple. I mean, niggas been jealous of me since before I got locked up and I'm not gon' lie, I fell off in prison. Niggas don't give me the same respect I once had and I partially blame Passion for it.

She's not a good wife. Well, she's not the best wife she can be. She's still young, so I still have the ability to mold her into the woman Karma used to be before she lost her mind but Passion's gotta be willing to work with me. Shit. I might not even have to mold her into Karma's old self if she can be mature enough to share me with another woman. She needs to put any feelings she has aside for Karma and sacrifice for me: her loving husband.

I took a deep breath and slipped my arms around Passion's waist, pulling her closer to me. If I wanted her to cooperate, I had to get back on her good side. "Baby girl, you know I don't like when you're mad at me. Can I get a smile outta you before you leave? Please?"

She sighed. "Why you want a smile all of a sudden when you've been the reason this frown is on my face? Explain that to me."

"Look, I don't wanna argue with you Pash. I love seeing my wife smiling and happy."

"Be the reason I'm smiling and happy then."

"How about the two of us do something together tonight? How about I take you away from the house for a few hours and the two of us try dinner over again? And this time, I promise it'll just be the two of us. No games this time."

"I don't believe you Marcel," she sighed, making me sigh too.

I reached my hand up and grabbed her chin so I could kiss her. I pressed my lips against hers and they were hesitant to kiss me back at first, but as soon as she felt my hands grabbing her ass, she loosened up a bit and kissed me back. I can't even act like kissing Passion didn't feel good; it felt really good and I swear she's the only female I've ever been with that made me feel good from kissing her. It's like I can feel all the emotion she's holding in just from a simple kiss.

I cupped my hands tighter on her fat ass, pulling her closer to me to deepen the kiss. This is the old shit with Passion that I missed. She used to be so sweet and genuine. She didn't change until I got Karma pregnant and it's like she's been so mean and cold ever since. We don't even make love with each other like we used to. Now it's just like we're fucking to fuck because we're horny, but it's no feeling behind it. And honestly, we don't even fuck as much as we used to.

That's why I'm trying to bring Karma into our relationship. She has a high sex drive like me and I'm hoping that will encourage Passion to have more sex with me. She'll get jealous because Karma's fucking me good and in turn, she'll want to fuck me more too. And eventually, if the two of them can put aside their differences, we'll all be fucking each other. But it ultimately depends on Passion's attitude. Karma's down with whatever I tell her to do since she needs money from me, but it's the opposite with Passion. 

My feelings for Passion run deep, and I'll forever be in debt to her because of how I treated her in the past, and she knows that. She knows regardless of what happens in our relationship, whether we're together or not, she'll always be taken care of. I mean, it's the least I can do because of what I did to her family. I just wish she wouldn't hold my past over my head because I'm a changed man now.

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