Chapter 1

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       The truth is, you never know what you have until you actually loose it. Never would I imagine I was going to be put in an isolated box we called home but I was. Unfortunately, people have died to get where I am today. I don't mean to get sentimental or anything, but it's the truth. I was put in a place called the glade. There was grass, trees, and walls taller than any thing i'd ever seen before. Of course I wasn't put there alone. I came up in a elevator like cage with fresh supplies with the lettering W.C.K.D. on the barrels. They called me the newbie for quite a while until someone else came up a month later. I was welcomed by a group of girls and one boy. Kind of awkward seeing as every girl thought Aris, the only boy, was a major dreamboat. I was too focused on why we were there to agree with them. I thought of Aris as an older brother. Out beyond those walls was a maze bigger and more complicated than the small paper ones you did in elementary school. It was impossible to escape from. Including the fact that overnight it changed its courses. But somehow together we made it out. Now it's just Aris and I trapped in this sanctuary. Though something about this place is off. Aris and I were the first to arrive here and slowly over time, more and more people started to show. We decide not to bring attention to ourselves and act like everything here is what it's intended to be. When really, we are the ones who end up figuring it all out.
       "Yesterday... new immunes came in," Aris says keeping his eyes down with his hood on. "Really? How many?" I ask also avoiding eye contact with anyone around us. I have my eyes fixed on Aris. "A lot. Their sitting over by Jarred's maze group. Take a look," Aris says keeping his head down. I slowly rotate my head and make eye contact with a newbie. He has dark brown eyes and chocolate brown hair. He is wearing a light blue top and jeans. I sit there frozen starring in his eyes. He's apart of the new maze members, isn't he? I turn back to Aris locking my eyes on his gray and black jacket. Just then Janson comes in to call those who are being taken to "paradise" or so they call it. Everyday Janson calls 10 different people to send to the safe haven. But that's not the case. At night, Aris roams the vents searching for a way to escape this place. One night, he came across a door locked with an admin key card. After observing more, Aris discovered doctors taking 10 carts into that room every night at midnight. The crazy thing is, it looks like bodies on those carts. But once the carts go in, they never come back out. It's like whatever Janson's doing to those kids in there, is something different then taking them to the safe haven. So we decide to keep ourselves on the low so we can figure everything out. "Get your hands off of me." Jarred says as Tomlin tries to calm him down. "I'm only trying to help!" Tomlin says as Jarred, the hot headed person he is, punches Tomlin on the cheek. Tomlin falls to the ground with a loud smack. Jarred gets on top of him and starts beating him up. No one is even doing anything! Their just standing there. I look over at Aris as I stand up. "Y/N no!" He whisper shouts. "Someone has to help." I say walking over to Jarred. I lock my arms underneath Jarred's arms as I throw him off of Tomlin. I reach my hand out to help Tomlin up. He smiles slightly and takes my hand. He stands up as I turn back to Jarred. "Now that's enough fighting!" I shout at him. Jarred's face turns red in embarrassment as I go back to Aris to sit down. As soon as I sit down, Janson walks in. "Y/N ... that wasn't smart and you know it." Aris says looking at me strait in the eye. "I know. But someone had to help." I say looking over to Tomlin. He looks over at me and mouths the words 'thank you'. "See," I say and continue, "he owes me."
       All the sudden I hear someone shout, "TERESA!" Aris and I spun around to the sound. I see the guy I was looking at earlier yelling someone else's name. Right before the security guard cut him off. I watch as the guy pushes the guard off of him. We observe as the guy with brown hair angrily marches back to his table with his maze group. I look at Aris as he stares the guy down. "What?" I question. Aris looks over to me and shakes his head.
       Some guards escort us to our bunks. They shut and lock the door using their key cards. "He can get us out," Aris says holding my shoulders. I tilt my head in confusion. "Who? The newbies?" I ask. Aris nods his freckly face and continues talking, "Y/N, trust me. He isn't afraid. We could use this to our advantage. I'm using the vents to get to him tonight. With or without me, it's our only chance to figure out what's behind those doors," Aris says letting go of me and sitting on one of the bottom bunks. I nod and turn to the sink to wash my face. We arrived here a week ago. The day we were split from our group. They're all probably dead now. And we just have to let that go. Aris really has been taking it hard seeing the fact he was like a big brother to all the girls. And he feels as if he failed them. Which we both know isn't true, he just won't admit it. When we were sent up into the maze, we didn't remember anything. Only our names came to mind. People here just seem so familiar. The faces, the voices, but I can never put my finger on it.
I turn and look at Aris prying open the air shaft. "I'm going with you," I say being as stubborn as always. "Nope your staying here. For all we know Janson could come check on us and we're both gone. We would be punished or worse. I would never wish that upon you. I promised to keep you safe after all the others so that's what I'm going to do," Aris says. He has a point. If we both go, we will be putting ourselves at risk. I nod slightly mostly disagreeing with his plan. "I'll be back," Aris says patting my h/c hair. That's the last thing Harriet said to me before we never saw her again. He crawls into the ventilation shaft as he turns his first right. I turn to his bunk and stuff some pillows underneath the blanket so it looks like he is sleeping. I just lay down on my bunk and think starring at the bland ceiling. Thinking about Jarred's group. Tomlin didn't deserve that. Whatever he did, Jarred took thinks way to far. Out of no where, I hear the beep of the door as if someone was coming in. I look over and Janson standing in the doorway looking mighty suspicious. I place my finger over my mouth trying to convince Janson that Aris is asleep. He looks over to the pillows and rolls his eyes. Janson motions me forward with his one finger. He wants me to come out? I hop off the bunk and walk to him slowly. "Follow me," He says with guards all around him. I do as I'm told here. Aris always tells me to do what they say. People tend to forget about the ones who follow orders.
       Janson leads me down several passages until we reach his office. He walks in and turns expecting me to do the same. I stand here until a guard pushes me into the small room. Janson sits on his comfortable looking office chair and says, "Please sit." I look into his eyes and slowly sit in wonder. "So tell me Y/N... do you remember anything about Wicked or from your past," Janson says intertwining his 10 fingers together. I shake my head technically not lying. Everyone looks familiar but I don't remember anything. "Do you remember a girl named Teresa?" Janson asks gradually moving his chair closer to his desk. That name. It seems as if I know exactly what he is talking about. But who is Teresa? Wasn't that guy in the cafeteria yelling the name Teresa? "No," I say trying to calm my nerves. Why has Janson brought me all the way to his office to ask me questions? "You don't even recognize the name?"  Janson asks with the bland sound of curiosity. I wait. Do I tell him I recognize the name? Or do I lie? I sit in silence for a minute. Finally I shake my head. "Hesitation? You sound unsure." He says as I shake my head once again. He makes a humming noise as if he is in confusion. "Well... I guess we can make you remember," Janson says looking up above me. I turn my head and see two guards. They put a bag over my head stabbing a needle into my neck. I feel my body go limp as my eyes get heavy.

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