Chapter Thirty Nine

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Broken nose.
The two words rang bitterly in my head.
A Nurse gave Me strong pain relief and Doctor Legend had just finished taping my nose.
It's the least you deserve after landing Blayze in the Intensive Care Unit.
Doctor Legend rolled His stool on wheels back maybe half a foot and his brow turned down into a frown.
"It's not your fault."
He informed Me.
"I punched the guy. The guy punched Me back. I'm the reason Blayze left Luka and the Twin's with Codie and Heath and came to Town!"
I croaked, a torrent of tear's once again filling my eyes.
"You punched this Guy in self defence. Yeah?"
Doctor Legend asked, raising a questioning eyebrow.
Like that matters.
The bottom line was, it was still my fault that Blayze was here, in the condition He was in.
Doctor Legend rested His right elbow on His right thigh and propped His chin in His right hand.
"There's always more to the story with you guys, so why don't you fill Me in?"
He suggested, looking a lot like a Man who had plenty of time up His sleeve.
I frowned.
"Don't you have other Patients you have to see?"
He seems to be everybody's favourite Doctor...
Nate shook His head.
"My shift ended ten minutes before we finished gluing and stitching Blayze's head wound."
Shift ended...?
I felt my eyes widen.
"Then what the heck are you still doing here?!"
I yelped.
He's got a Home to return to.
Probably some Pet's.
I know He's got a Wife waiting on Him!
Doctor Legend's green eyes seemed to soften.
"Working in a Rural Hospital's taught Me quite a lot."
He explained.
"So explain to Me what's been happening."
Sitting on the edge of a stiff Hospital bed, I poured my heart out to the Good Doctor.

The dimly lit room was filled with the rhythmic sounds of Hospital machines.
Stark white Hospital linen made Blayze's skin look brown.
It was so incredibly wrong to see Blayze Riley laying motionless on a Hospital bed, his wide shoulders taking up nearly the entire width of the mattress.
Blue cords hung from his nostrils and flared out to either side of his face.
A line came from his mouth, attached to a tube that I knew was feeding oxygen into his lungs, thanks to the hissing and sucking machine
A while bandage wrapped around his head obscured more than half of his raven hair.
His arms lay motionless at his sides, his right side with a needle and tube imbedded in the crook of his arm and the left hand with a needle and tube wedged in the back of his hand.
Red marks of broken skin tainted the knuckles of both his hands, but it looked like somebody had cleaned them up.
The beeping, hissing and sucking noises echoed in my head, leaving Me frozen just inside the doorway.
I wanted to run to Blayze's side, hug the crap out of Him and kiss his beautiful face until I was too tired to keep it up, or He told Me to stop.
But He wouldn't tell Me to stop, because He was unconscious.
I had no clue what to do.
I didn't want to leave, but I just as badly didn't want to sit beside the bed and talk to him when He wouldn't answer Me.
"He's not gonna bite, y know?"
I jumped nearly out of my skin, an embarrassing squeal of fright slipping through my lips as I whipped around, coming face to face with Heath.
Worried, I quickly looked over my shoulder to check we hadn't disturbed Blayze.
He was still laying exactly the way He had been ten seconds ago.
Mentally I facepalmed.
Unconscious people don't just wake up because someone gets a scare.
But they can wake up whenever they're ready.
Blayze apparently wasn't ready.
Sighing, I turned back to Heath.
"You scared the shit out of Me!"
I hissed, glaring up at Him.
He rolled his dark blue eyes.
"Well maybe if you hadn't of just been standing in the doorway..."
I wrapped my arms around my middle, biting into my bottom lip and dropping my gaze to the shiny Hospital floor.
"I don't know what to do."
I muttered, confessing my dilemma.
Hot tear's pricked at my eyes and my throat warmed with an uncomfortable burn.
"I don't know how to tell him how sorry I am!"
I croaked.
Strong hands landed gently on my shoulders.
My stomach clenched.
I bit harder into my trembling bottom lip, blinking hard.
"Bails look at Me."
Heath insisted.
Sucking in a breath that felt shaky, I slowly dragged my gaze up from the ground and finally looked at Blayze's Brother's earnest face.
"What the hell are you talking about how sorry you are?"
Heath asked, his brow pulling down into a frown.
I stopped out from under his hands, wrapping my arms more firmly around my ribs.
"It's my fault!"
I croaked, my throat feeling raw.
Heath looked at Me in bewilderment, his blue eyes widening.
I squeezed my eyes shut, several tears rolling warm and fluidly down my cheeks.
"None. Of. This. Is. Your. Fault."
I peeled my eyes open to see Heath wearing a frown and holding His jaw tightly clenched.
Liar, liar, jeans on fire.
I thought bitterly.
Heath closed his eyes and lifted his left hand to pinch the bridge of his nose before his thumb and forefinger before inhaling so deeply I watched his chest expand and shoulders rise.
Slowly He peeled his eyes back open and let his hand drop back to his side, eyeing Me with a slightly calmer gaze.
"You've had a huge night."
He spoke clearly and calmly.
"It's understandable that you're a bit all over the place."
A bit all over the place?
I'm just riddled with the sickening feeling of guilt.
"Hunter and Keon's vendetta was nothing to do with you."
Heath with insistence, staring straight into my eyes.
Nothing to do with Me?
"He is only there."
I threw my right hand behind Me to gesture to Blayze and the Hospital bed.
"Because He was coming for Me!"
My tight throat felt like it was trying to strangle Me.
My tear's flowed faster and more unrelenting.
Heath held his hands up, palms forward as if to hold off an attack.
"I'm not arguing this with you tonight."
He denied, giving his head a quick shake.
He nodded past Me, towards Blayze, then turned his gaze back to re-meet mine.
"Will tell you as well, when He wakes up, that none of this is your fault."
When He wakes up?
Well that was positive thinking on Heath's part.
Doctor Legend already warned us there were no guaranteed answers.
My tear's still freely flowing, I turned my back on Heath and stared through slightly blurred vision at the Hospital bed and Blayze.

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