Christmas dance

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The kingdom of Arendelle glittered and glowed with Christmas spirit, light adorning each building in the kingdom. The palace itself was especially decorated for the holidays, with some of my own ice creations adorning both the inside and outside. I myself was in my chamber, my lady in waiting Fiona helping me get ready for the Christmas ball being hosted tonight in the grand ballroom.

Fiona carefully helps me into my ensemble for the evening. I would be wearing a dark blue off the shoulder gown with long icy blue swirled sleeves. A long train of pure silky ice adorned the back of the gown, dragging about five feet behind me. I had on my traditional ice heels and my signature braid, which was fastened with tiny ice crystals. The front of my gown was covered in millions of tiny snowflakes, ice crystals, diamonds, sapphires, and small flecks of gold here and there.

After finishing getting ready, I allow Fiona the rest of the evening off and make my way down to the grand ballroom. As I made my way there, I could not help but wonder what my beautiful little sister would be wearing to the ball.


I was completely mesmerized as I was staring at myself in my gold mirror. I couldn't believe that I was staring at the most beautiful princess in the world. The gown was a rich dark red. It was composed of the finest velvet, sent from France. It was off the shoulders. It was covered with gold lace along the bodice and had a train composed of deep red silk. My dark red hair was fixed into a French twist with wisps of hair caressing either side of my temples.

The door to my bedroom opened, causing me to turn around. My turquoise eyes became bright with excitement as I saw my beautiful older sister standing in the doorway. She looked absolutely radiant.

I smiled and dropped into a curtsey, as did my lady in waiting, Cassandra.


I could not help but let out a small chuckle as I entered the room. "My darling sister, you know you do not need to do that. Neither do you Cassandra. I consider you my sister as well."

Anna smiled and rose back up. "Sorry Elsa, you know I can't help it." She came forward and kissed my cheek. "You look beautiful."

I smiled softly and kissed her gently on the lips. "Thank you darling. You look equally beautiful this evening. So, are you ready to greet our guests?"

"Ready as you are sis!" Anna took my hand and pulled me out of the room and towards the grand ballroom. We exchanged one more sweet kiss before the doors opened, everyone's eyes directed towards us.


Hand in hand, Elsa and I distended the grand staircase that led into the ballroom, smiling at our guests. The ball room was decorated with millions of gold red and green lights, the walls hung with the same colored tapestry. A very large Christmas tree was in the center of the room, decorated with the same color scheme of Christmas balls and Christmas lights. Tables with white linen tablecloths surrounding the entire room, and glass vase of red and white roses in the center of each table.

Elsa took me out onto the dance floor after introductions were made, her hands gently wrapping around my waist and bringing me close. "I Believe every single man is going to be wanting a dance with you tonight, my darling," she murmured, kissing my lips gently.

I giggled, kissing her back. "You know I am only going to be dancing with one person, and that's you, I would not want to dance with anyone else,"

Elsas eyes twinkled like ice.  "My sweet little snowflake, you make me so happy."

I beamed. "You make me just as happy."

The quintet a violin players began to play a beautiful waltz, causing everyone around us to get onto the dance floor and join us for the beautiful Christmas dance.

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