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I honestly feel like deep ass shit rn

My uterus has calmed down its tits somehow.

But however, my friend snazzyusernameOwO has tagged me...idk like months ago??

And i was re reading their a w e s o m e stuff and i saw their tag chptr and i feel like shit.

But anyways, lets continue on with this social bullshit and uh

Here we go with tags.

Lucy, if u r seeing this i am honestly so sorry for not doing his earlier ;_;

Lucy, if u r seeing this i am honestly so sorry for not doing his earlier ;_;

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Ok so who tagged me is obviously snazzyusernameOwO

I...broke the second one...but w h a t e v e r.

And now third one

1. I like to listen to old songs like Britney Spears and stuff cuz im stUPID

2. Im bisexual (clearly everyone knows that here but whatever) and im dating cute pansexual girl.


3. Im huge Game of thrones fan
Pls is there anyone who is there with meh??

4. I wanna work for Disney when i grow up. But if i will not success, i would like to illustrate children's books

5. I also am a catperson. I wanna put myself into organisation that saves cats and dogs like Hope for Paws, Dodo etc.

6. I know how to sew. Since like...first grade? We had this creative organisation and i was sewing on rags, yknow.

Like all thise pretty roses and stuff.

7. I am redhead. I mean ...sometimes. idk. Sometimes my hair is blondish gold, then is dirty gold and then is gold mixed with red??? And my eye color is very strange too. Sometimes they are gray. Blue. And even green with blue and gray.

8. Idk how to flirt lmao but i can finish my gf off with pUNS HAHAHA


9. I am usually really depressed and emotive. And im also sensitive person.

10. I live in Croatia and i speak Croatian. I also can smile and cry in Croatian.

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