CAT-astrophe (Poly!HeathersxVeronica)

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Hello, everyone! This one-shot was requested by @The_art_person, I hope you enjoy!


Mac's POV

Within our soul is an animal, a creature that we can turn into at will. Each person has a different one, not one person is the same, unless they are twins. In this system, we are designed to have mates, sometimes more than two. That means people are on the constant search for their future partners. I believe that if you don't actively scour the earth, along with doing good things, you will find your mate naturally.

The Heathers became a group rather quick after colliding into each other, dropping books and a bouquet of annoyed grunts. I looked into their eyes, and they pounced on me, warmth had enveloped my body; that was when we became our small pride.

Let me introduce you to the pride! There is Heather Duke, she's a majestic panther, Dukie is well-preserved, mostly reading bad dime novels and taking notes on everything relating to culture; she is a shy geek by nature. One time, I found her room covered in reminders of Korea and Japan, along with many tabs opened to articles about Asian cuisine. Also, she hates being called Dukie for whatever reason.

There's me, Heather McNamara, an athletic and outgoing girl that loves to fuck the other girl's brains out. Oh, I forgot, I am a cheetah, it goes well with my personality. I like candy, loving my girls, and hunting with them.

Finally, the leader of the pride, Heather Chandler. Chandler is a lioness, a powerful, influential woman who is not afraid to kill without a second thought. She is silent but deadly. Not one creature has dared to challenge her in a fight, yet. Most know that Heather Chandler is not one to test, but really, at heart, she's a softie. Sure, Chan may be intimidating, but she is the most caring shifter in the world.

It's time to stop flattering my girlfriends and catch up on our current conundrum. You see, we are looking for another member of the pride, someone small that can be cuddled easily. It must be a cat. Unfortunately, we can't choose a mate. Us three must wait for them to come around, patience is a virtue after all.

Veronica's POV

"You found your mate, Martha?" I asked quietly

"Yeah, but, he's too good for me," Martha blushed as JD wrapped his arms around her shoulders

"I know I am," JD said as he licked Martha's neck seductively

"Uh, get a room you two!" I joked

"I bought an apartment for us actually!" the trench-coat boy bounced up, regaining his composure

"Where's yours, Vero?" Martha pouted

"I don't know," I frown, "I need them soon."

I walk away with my head down, while walking towards the break room, the place where the students can go to shift and rest. Everyone loves that place not just because they get to relax, they also can find their mates, that's how Martha found JD. At one point I will see them, just not today at least.

I enter the small, cozy room and find the small spare bed I brought from home laying in the corner, ready for Veronica to sleep on it. No one is around, that leaves me the most opportune moment to shift into my designated spirit animal, the fluffy lynx.

A few hours later

I'm lost in the magical dreamland of my innermost desires. Nothing can hurt me here, nor anyone else, it is a state of tranquility that is otherworldly. What I see is three majestic cat-like creatures proudly striding through the glowing fields filled with exotic fruits and trees. The cheetah climbs the apple tree and grabs an apple, while the lioness and panther just sit there conversing. If you were in this moment, you'd be smiling ear to ear.

They suddenly turn their attention towards me, and they chatted for a few before heading over. The look in their eyes is territorial. Their pupils are now slitting. I'm not sure what I've done, at the beginning of High School, we're assigned a square to put our bed into. The question remains, why are they coming over here? Unless, I'm their territory, and they're about to claim me. This is all just a dream.

"Holy cow, that thing... we need it!" the cheetah exclaimed under her breath

"It is so fluffy, how could something like this go under our radar?" the panther mused while sniffing the air around me

"Her smell is intoxicating, she's ours for sure!" the lioness growled happily

"I'm so happy!" the athletic creature chirped

Heather Chandler nudged my sleeping body, it couldn't help but react to her warm touch. Of course, the other two must touch me in a certain way, Mac's hand is petting my head, as they all have shifted back to human form, and I'll admit that Mac has some smooth skin, which I like. Then, Duke goes on and holds me in her semi-muscular arms, and all the while, Chandler kisses my temple as I wake to revert to human form.

"Hey there, beautiful, what's your name?" Mac innocently squeaks

"Veronica," I blush

"It fits you and your animal quite well," Chandler smooches my temple once more while caressing my cheek

"Do you want to join our pride? You look so lonely, and it pains us to see you like this!" Duke frowns, shedding a tear, and Mac wipes it away with a tissue

"Yeah, sure!" I yawn

"You look adorable when you yawn!" Mac purrs

Chandler walks to the door and opens it, allowing Dukie to walk through it with me sleeping in her arms. A few hours pass by, and we arrived at what I presumed to be Chandler's mansion. Dukie sets me down on the upstairs bed, and the other Heathers lay down beside me. Chandler on my left and Mac on the right, while Duke is on top of me.

"Goodnight, princess!" The three colorful Heathers chimed

"Rest well, my shining knights!" I joked as I got too comfy to care about my current surroundings, falling asleep and snoring the night away

Bonus Puns! :D

"Hey, Mac?" Duke giggled alongside Veronica.

"Yeah?" Mac sipped on her tea, cocking an eyebrow

"Yesterday was pretty CAT-astrophic!"

"I thought it was Cat-aclysmic!"

"Oh, you've got to be kitten me!" Veronica teased

I hope you enjoyed this one-shot!



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